This summer the Swedish band MOMOFOKO will release a brand new, sparkling, colourful, energetic, and of course dance friendly single. The single, WE KNOW, is the first in a series of digital releases that together will become a full album in the early spring of 2013. MOMOFOKO aims to get an even closer relationship with the crowds hungry for dancing and hope to do so by releasing our song as soon as they are ready for the dance floors. WE KNOW and the upcoming releases is produced by MOMOFOKO and the producer Anders Alexander, and this time MOMOFOKO fully uses the advantages of the many members and possibilities that brings. Dance, rhythm and playfulness is and will always be, the main focus when it comes to MOMOFOKO and it shines through on this studio recording too.

Hey Momofoko, Can I start by saying how much I’m loving We Know great little tune, is it going to be your first single?
Thank you very much! Yes, « We Know » is the first digital release out of two, they’ll both end up on our album early 2013.

Who was the creative force behind the video « We Know »?

The creators behind « We Know » is Martin Lang and Marco Padoan. Marco Padoan has also directed two of our earlier videos, « Control » from 2009 and « What you wan’t to hear » from 2011. These guys are totally mental, both professionally and to hang out with, so it’s really nice to work with them.

How much fun was it making your first video?
« We Know » was a lot of fun to record and we all had a blast, except the goldfish « Kenneth Paul Jr » who died (RIP Kenneth P Jr). We did a lot of crazy things, jumped out of cliffs, masturbated in front of family and friends, killed some fishes and played around with firearms. One of the central themes in the video is blood, something the director Marco Padoan seems to return to in all of our videos.

How did the group get together?
We all met at « The finska vinterkriget » where we as usual have a great time. We talked about doing something new, creating a new modern kind of disco involving both electronic sounds and organic sounds. We all share the love for club culture and wanted to create music for the dancefloors, those floors we our self loves to dance on.

Momofoko has a really nice vibe to it what bands are inspirations to you and would you say influence your sound?
Momofoko has seven members with strong wills and different musical backgrounds. We choose to look upon this as a strength, the eclectic sound of Momofoko is a product of all those different influences combined, while resting on a foundation of disco.

Do you write songs as a band, or do they all come from individual band members’ experiences?

As mentioned before we have a lot of differences but often it starts out with an idea coming from one of the members and ends up in something with a disco vibe.

I’ve heard you’re from Malmö. Do you have any Swedish bands you feel we should be taking some notice of?

As it is early in your career, where have tours found you thus far? Where has been your favorite place to perform?
We’ve toured in Sweden, Germany and Denmark for a couple of years.

One of the weirdest gigs we did was in Rostock. We played there in front of a kind of small audience, it was a wednesday so the turnout wasn’t great. But then, after the gig we met this disco DJ called Hein Rich who loved the show and wanted us to play at another place in Rostock the next day. We had a day off and there was nothing to do in Rostock, so we said alright, lets do it. When we got to the venue, it was some old stone house that looked like it had been bombed, the walls were falling apart and most of the doors and windows was shattered. But the owners, who occupied the house, were really nice and got us food and some bunk beds to sleep in. Later they pulled out a ping-pong table and we had an awesome time. When we played, at like 1 am, it was in front of like 300 people who were all doing coke and danced like crazy. The gig was awesome, we got some extra cash and then had to leave for the next show.

Any plans to come to Europe in the works?
At the moment we’re planning gigs in Germany and Sweden. This autumn we’re doing gigs in Germany, visit our site for more information and tour dates.

Where are you answering our questions from?

As usual we hang out at « Det finska vinterkriget » playing foosball and drinking « Skinny Bitches ».

What are your future plans?
We’ll release a new single in autumn and a full length album in early 2013. The next half year will be really busy for us writing, recording and touring at the same time. In other words – Having a great time!

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Thanks a lot for having this chat with us, we’re glad about the great response we are getting of this new single/video and it means a lot for us hearing all kind of critics. We’ re also always looking for new exciting collaborations/partners/new markets so don’t hesitate to contact us. Love & Disco /MOMOFOKO

Thanks to MOMOFOKO
Photo by Oskar Lorentzon
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud