Denmark’s Nick Eriksen has hit the ground running since his 2011 debut EP as Taragana Pyjarama on the esteemed Fools House imprint not to mention standout remixes for Delphic, Delorean and Miami Horror. He now signs to Kompakt with the breakthrough full length « Tipped Bowls » out June 18th – a genre defying journey that scales the annals of bass, beats and beyond. « Tipped Bowls » also features appearances from CHLLNGR and Kicki Halmos.

Nick accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hello Nick, How are you? Just to begin with our interview, where are you right now while answering our questions?
Hello, I’m okay thanks. I’m in my apartement in Copenhagen.

What inspired you to start Taragana Pyjarama ?

I was tired of what I was making at the time. Did a track with this name which I was excited about called Girls, and just kept working in this direction instead.

After a first EP released last year, you’re about to release your first album « Tipped Bowls » on the excellent label Kompakt. How did your collaboration work?
They sent me a mail, I sent them some tracks, and we kept contact from there. Not a very exciting story, sorry.

A first track Lo Ng is being released from the album. Besides it can be heard on TEEZ’ ‘How would you define your musical style?
This is a question I’m asked a lot… not sure, but I guess its something I should figure out.

A story behind one of your songs?
« Terror Paradise » was made while I was watching a clip on youtube. Some skaters in a cylinder. Filmed with a very grainy lense. Think it’s pretty famous clip.

What were you earliest experiences with music? The first record you bought, for instance?
I think the first record/single I bought was Darude – Sandstorm or something. My first experiences with music wasn’t very inspiring. Young teenager, listening to whatever is on the radio kind of thing.

What has influenced you in the past years?

A lot of things. Just discovered Cluster, which is a duo from germany from 1971. It’s great. Check out « Hollywood ».

How do you think you fit in historically? Are there an artists doing similar things or things that inspire you?
I dont think there’s a scene at this point, but there’s is certainly a lot of people with the same mindset about it. Which is great. Scenes tend to come and go, so I’m feeling good about it all.

Will we have the opportunity to see you live soon in France?
Hopefully! We’ll start doing some shows soon.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Thanks a lot for playing and listening.

Thanks to Nick and Fallon
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud
Credit Photo : Sonya Hurtado