Queen of Hearts returns in 2012 with her brand new single, Neon, released
on May 14. The track makes up one half of the double A side release which
also includes the Stefan Storm (of Sound of Arrows fame) produced Tears In
The Rain.

In 2011, the British singer established herself as a firm favourite with
tastemakers and trendsetters alike, thanks to her critically acclaimed debut
EP ‘The Arrival’.
Returning in 2012 to continue her reign of the electro-pop
domain, this release further establishes the sartorially striking 24 year-old as
one of the most exciting names in new music.

She accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hello Queen Of Hearts, how are you?
To start with, where are you right now while answering our questions?

Hello! I’m great thank you! Well, it’s about 2am here, so I’m chatting to you from my bed, it’s very cosy. I’m kind of a night owl/ insomniac.

Very little is known about you. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? Why choose this name « Queen Of Hearts »?
Queen of Hearts came about because I write songs about love – finding it, losing it, betrayal etcetera. It fascinates me! It’s a combination of power and vulnerablity, which I think we all have within us. It has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland, or card games, as some people think.

We very much appreciate your music, here on TEEZ’, the tracks you’ve been releasing since last year are really really good. You released a 2nd EP a few days ago. Is there any album to be expected next?
Thank you 🙂 I enjoyed making the two EPs, so it makes me really happy to know people are enjoying the tracks, what more could you ask for?! Yes, the album is on the way, but there’ll be a few more releases first.

Neon is one of my favourite tunes of the moment. What is the story behind this track? Is it a track you’ve recorded lately?
I recorded Neon at the end of last year. I loved the track as soon as I heard it and knew it was something special. I started singing melodies over it almost instantly, and so the song formed itself pretty quickly. It’s about finding inner strength, and the overwhelming feeling of becoming yourself again after feeling so lost. I had a vision of people walking down the street with lights coming from within, like their aura I suppose. Those who were happy, gave off bright Neon lights, and those who were sad, flickering, pale ones. It sounds sort of crazy, but it works for me, I always write my lyrics from the pictures inside my head.

Is there one track that you prefer out of your two EP?
I love writing and performing up tempo, pulsey tracks like Neon or Shoot The Bullet, but the ones that give me tingles are Tears In The Rain and Spanish Sahara, because they are more intimate and emotional.

Is there any artist that you would love to work with, on some future projects?
I’d love to work with Richard X, Patrik Berger or MNEK, because everything they touch turns to gold, they make flawless music. In terms of artists, I’d love to duet with Robyn or Bjork, I think that would be a lot of fun, maybe we could form a super band??! 😉

Stefan of The Sound Of Arrows wrote 2 great tunes for you, that can be found on your two EP. Has he written any other tracks for future projects?
Yes, he’s amazing! His music and production are just beautiful and he’s very passionate in the studio, which is really infectious and I think that energy comes through in both the tracks. I’d love to have more from him on the album.

Your tunes sound rather electro pop, do you go out dancing a lot with friends?

I work hard, but I also play hard, I’m incredibly lucky and want to enjoy every minute, and the best way to appreciate electronic music is through loud speakers! I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about electro pop that gives me a feeling like no other genre, I guess I’m addicted.

Moreover where do you find inspirations from, for your music?
I listen to music all the time,and love discovering something new and out of the ordinary. I also listen to people talking alot. I’m fascinated by human behaviour and get a lot of my ideas from people’s day to day drama. I guess I’m quite nosy.

Is there a « Big hit » sung by a (dead or alive) artist that you would have liked for yourself?
Micheal Jackson – Thriller. It was so iconic and ahead of it’s time, and I think, even now, it’s still the biggest selling record to date? That would have been nice.

Will we have the opportunity to see you live soon?

I hope so! I’m doing some festivals in the UK over the summer, followed by a quick trip to the USA, but then I’m dying to do some more European dates. I played two dates in Spain earlier in the year and it was incredible. I hope France is ready for me!? 😉

What can we wish you for the rest of the year?
Love, happiness and great music

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?

Bisous x


Thanks to Queen Of hearts and Chloe
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud (Thanks to Valencia)