Bright Light Bright Light is the moniker of Welsh-born Rod Thomas, a singer, writer, producer and DJ that NME have called « the boy Robyn in all but name ».

September 2010’s debut single ‘Love Part II’ (Popjustice Hifi / Virgin) was a taster of what Rod has been working on for his debut album ‘Make Me Believe In Hope’ with the likes of Andy Chatterley (Kylie / Nerina Pallot), Boom Bip (Neon Neon) and The Invisible Men (Jessie J). Drawing influence from the late 80s and early 90s, Rod has crafted a brand of shimmering electro-pop that nods to Depeche Mode, Bjork, Yazoo and Ace of Base. Mixing a love of classic songwriting with a love of the dancefloor, Attitude Magazine describes him as « Creator of emotional disco moments that only Kylie or Robyn can normally provide. »

He opened for Ellie Goulding on her 2010 ‘Lights’ tour, and has played alongside Sound Of Arrows and Monarchy, as well as at South By Southwest, and later this year will appear at Bestival. He’s remixed the likes of Ellie Goulding, Nerina Pallot and James Yuill, written songs with some of his favourite producers and also runs ‘Another Night’ clubnight in London where he and a fellow Neath export spin the best 1990s dance cuts.

Magazines, blogspots and hype machine charts agree that Bright Light Bright Light’s future looks very promising indeed.

Rod accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hello Rod, how are you? So here we are at last, your first album is being released today. What can you tell us about it in a few words?
I’m very well thank you! It’s a pop album that looks at connections that you have with people and places.

There are some powerful tracks in this album, Feel it is one of my favourite. Is there any track that you like more than the others?
That’s too hard I think. They were written across two years, so naturally some of the newer ones are more exciting for me at times, but I think some are my favourite to play live, some I prefer on record … but I am really proud of Feel It!

Can you tell us briefly the story of this album? How long you’ve been working on it? Was Make Believe in Hope your first choice as a title?

The title has been the same for the whole time. Basically, there was no label telling me it had to be finished by a certain date, so the process was very organic – meeting the right producers at the right time, meeting the write band members, the best video directors … I had time to shape the album as I wanted, and to work on the sound, the imagery and the way to release it. It was a two year process.

An EP with acoustic versions of your tracks was released in the States a few months ago. Do you think it will be available soon in Europe?

Yes I think so, I just am not sure which date yet.

Quite a few artists are featuring in this album (Del Marquis, Alison Pierce, James Yuill) How come you thought about working with them?
They’re all very good friends of mine. As I said the album came together in an organic way, so did the collaborations. For me the album is about connections with people and places, and these are some of the people I connected with best over the last few years, so having them on my record is amazing for me. Del particularly, as his vocals on Cry At Films are beautiful.

What I like on this album, is the purposely 90s sound. Is there for example any track or so back from those years that you would like to cover in the bright light bright light way?
I have done an acoustic cover of Billie Ray Martin’s Your Loving Arms, but one in a more Bright Light Bright Light way … perhaps Satellite or Ease The Pressure by The Beloved.

If I borrow your mp3 player, what will I find on it?

Arthur Russell, Magnetic Fields, Kenickie, Lo Fi-Fnk, Kelis and AlunaGeorge

We are close to the summer, which implies festivals, where can we see bright light bright light these coming months?
Not too many festivals this year. We just played at Pflingst Festival in Munich, we’ll play at Zebra Festival in Shanghai in July, Bristol Pride, Cardiff Pride, Poptronik in Sitges, and I’ll be DJing at Bestival.

What should we be wishing to your album?
That it finds its way to the right people 🙂
Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?

Thank you for listening!

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