Aztec Records is a young record label based in London, that specialises in a strain of dance music that combines the energy and rawness of electro with the melodic complexities of pop.

Hello Ariel, how are you? Where are you while answering my questions?
I’m exhausted but excited! I’m seating at my desk with the TV on but in mute.

You are one of the AZTEC RECORDS Directors, how did you get the idea of creating your own label?
I started Aztec Records to be able to self-release my band’s music TNTT (aka TECNOCTITLAN) and the first three releases were exactly that. At the time Laura Fares (my label partner) was playing drums for us and she played me a few tracks of some artist she knew. Slowly we decided to not only help ourselves but also help our friends to get their music out there and before we knew it, the label took over our lives!

Isn’t it a venture to start such a project given the crisis in the record industry?
It actually makes complete sense giving the state of the « traditional » music industry nowadays. We are creating a movement of new artists in charge of their own careers, listening to their fans and being independent and creative in their decisions. We are artists, running a music label for artists. We understand, we listen and we have passion for new talent and good music.

Also, people are downloading more music now than ever before so it’s not all that bad!

The artists from your label are artists we highlight on TEEZ’FM. Can You let us know, before anyone else what will be the next releases on AZTEC?
Our next releases on Aztec will be Bright Light Bright Light’s debut album ‘Make Me Believe In Hope’ some amazing remixes of Nina, and some new material from Woman E, TNTT and Disco Damage coming soon too.

AZTEC are about to release their first compilation as part of the POPTRONIK Festival, can you tell us a bit more about it as well?
« This Beat Is Poptronik – Volume One » is a joint venture with Raj Rudolph from EQ Music Blog. He curated which tracks were going to be included and we distribute it. The concept and ethos springs from the same idea of Aztec Records. To find amazing pop songs that need to be heard and make whatever we can to promote it to music lovers worldwide.

It also ties in perfectly with our POPTRONIK FESTIVAL this summer in Sites since it will be a Pop extravaganza!

Bright Light Bright Light is one of our faves on TEEZ’, he is actually making this monthly playlist. He’s been signed to AZTEC recently and we also heard that an album is to be out in June. Could you disclose some info for us?
Well, It’s all very secret but I can tell you the name of the album. ‘Make Me Believe In Hope’. This album will blow everyone’s mind. It’s euphoric, it’s melancholic, it’s retro and futuristic. We are big fans of his music and are delighted to be able to help him reach a bigger audience.

For the last years, artists’ tunes have been leaking through the Internet. In a way, it does help promoting artists. How can you explain that? Doesn’t it penalize small labels like yours?

We love when people recommend or share music from our artists. Why not? Spread the love, share a track that you love, and see what your friends think. We’ve had lots of fans creating their own homemade videos to some of our releases, and it’s very flattering. People nowadays know that if they want to support an artist they can download their track, buy a ticket to see them perform live or request them to be played on the radio. But spreading the word is a good thing; we have no problem with that.

What are your plans for the next months?
We are working hard developing some amazing new talent and releasing their music to the world. We’re proud to say we are the first ones believing in them, so we hope you’ll like them too! We are also organizing POPTRONIK FESTIVAL September 1st and 2nd in Sitges, Barcelona. We can’t wait!

What would you like to say to our TEEZ’FM website readers?

Keep supporting independent music, and get in touch for more info on any of our artists. Also, get in touch if you think we would like your music.

See you soon Ariel and thanks for taking some or your time to answer my questions.

It’s my pleasure! We couldn’t do this with out supporting music lovers like you.


Thanks to Ariel and Laura from AZTEC
Special Thanks to Valencia Ehrhart
interview by Thierry Jaussaud