Fiorious is a Bronx-born Italian-American Ivy-League grad who quit his dayjob as a pop music journalist and returned to the motherland to make his own music, embracing his Euro roots without sacrificing his New York City soul. The fruits of his wanderlust? A throbbing, hard-smacking orgy of electropop, disco-funk, and indie-dance.

Hello Fiorious, you must have been asked hundred times before but where does your name come from?
It’s a kind of nickname that’s a play on my last name, which in Italian means « flower » but I like that juxtaposition with « furious, » but I’m not an angry guy, I can assure you. Maybe just an angry flower.

What encouraged you to become involved with music?

I used to write about music for a living but I hit a wall with that. I was always working on music, but in the end I was a frustrated artist that needed to create. I quit and started traveling and a lot of good music exploded out of me. And I just knew there were lots of people these songs could connect with.

We are discovering you on TEEZ, with a first single ‘7 Steps’, is it your first shot?

I released an EP last year with a cover of the Passions’ gorgeous 1981 cult hit « I’m In Love With A German Film Star » and another song « Elevator, » plus six remixes. « 7 Steps » is the lead-up single to the album coming in June. I have another single/video for « So Pretty » ready to drop with the album. I’ve had a bunch of musical projects in the past spanning various genres from more R&B and funk to rock and singer-songwriter. But I always had this particular sound in my head and I am so happy I finally got it out.

You are also releasing your first album, can you tell us about it? Are there different sounds in this opus? Is there any track you like more than the others?
It’s a blend of my many influences into something I really want to listen to. That was key for me, to hear my songs fit in with songs I put in my personal playlists and mixes. I knew I wanted something dancey, with synths, guitars, and a four on the floor disco vibe, but also real songs not just beats. « German Film Star » is a bit more new wave / electro, while « New York City Girl » has an urban bounce, and « 7 Steps » is more 90s house, but I like to think that my voice and the sounds tie it together. And I love the fact that everyone has a different favorite song, that it’s not just one song everyone is talking about. My personal favorite changes all the time. « 7 Steps » never gets old for me. But at this moment it might be a track called « Man Alive » which has kind of an OutKast meets Bowie vibe, but it’s probably the most pop thing I’ve done and recently I just get really happy when I hear it.

Do you pay attention to what is written about you on music blogs? Have you read any reviews on your music that made you grin?
Oh yeah, I read everything. I don’t think I’m at a point where I can afford not to read what’s written about me. So far I’ve been super lucky that lots of people are discovering me and writing about me and it’s been overwhelmingly positive. Sometimes you get strange comparisons, but I think it’s all fair game and I think it’s always interesting to see how you’re perceived, even if I might disagree. For example, being compared to Terence Trent D’Arby was an amazing compliment, but it’s such a lie! I’m not nearly as good a singer as he is. But I’ll take it anyway.

How do you see the music industry in the next coming years?

I have no idea. It’s clear that the internet has created amazing opportunities for an unsigned independent artist like me to make thousands of fans all over the world, but most of the money and power is still with the majors and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. However, I think a new space has been created by music-seekers who don’t listen to the radio. They’d rather find good music online and through social media. It’s still a much smaller group, but it’s growing, and so is the space for a new middle-class of artists to exist in there.

What do you do when you’re not music-ing?

I play a lot of tennis, go running, I’m a big foodie so I like to eat out and cook as much as I can, and I travel every chance I get. Oh, and I’ve been known to bust a move on occasion too.

You’ll be able to make your own playlist on TEEZ’FM, what would be on it?
On Fire (feat. Fiorious) – Scuola Furano
Tapes & Money – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Boiling (feat. Sinead Harnet) – Disclosure
Look Right Through (Art Department Remix) – Storm Queen
New York City Girl (Scuola Furano Remix) – Fiorious
The Reflection of You (CFCF Remix) – Bear in Heaven
110% – Jessie Ware
Tomorrow – Niki & the Dove
You Don’t Know Me – U-Tern
7 Steps – Fiorious

We wish you the very best with your first album, have you got something to say to our readers?
Thanks so much for the love and support. Can’t wait to perform these songs in the flesh. And look out for the second album in about six months. Feeling very inspired. I’ve already recorded most of it. It just feels like a good year.

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