Julia Stone is a singer and songwriter from Newport, Australia. She’s part of the siblings Angus & Julia Stone Following four years of critically acclaimed collaboration with brother Angus, Julia Stone’s
The Memory Machine marks her first foray into solo musical terrain. With the global success of the duo’s first two albums and accompanying sell out tours, Julia’s debut solo album demonstrates a musical confidence and story-telling capacity that reflects her evolution as an artist.

Her New album By The Horns is out on May 2012

Julia accepted to answer some of our questions :

For a start I would like to know your feelings regardings the big success you are getting in your own country and the one starting in the whole world?
Hello. Well, we are on the road at the moment… and we are happy out here. Playing music- so it is good that people are enjoying the music because it means that we have people to hang out with and play music for.

How do you manage your differences in terms of aspirations or desires for the band?
Well, I suppose we have similar desires when it comes to making music- and when we have ideas that are not necessarily relevant to one another we create side projects. We have been really loose about how the music happens. As long as we are happy and having fun making music… and the people around us are enjoying themselves then there is not really that much to manage.

In a certain way, you carreer turned your brotherhood into a duet of artists, was it something deeply considered at first ?
I don’t really understand the question entirely- but I will say this- we certainly never really thought about what we were getting ourselves into when we compiled our first E.P. At the time it seemed like something fun to do and convenient more than anything. Because we were playing shows together it made sense that people could take home both of our songs on the same cd- rather than having to get two different cd’s– so it started out almost as a matter of logic– and over time and touring and living together it has become really lovely- so in that way i suppose our musical journey has definitely had a major hand in our friendship and mutual respect for one another as people.

Your last album with Angus was pretty much eclectic, some tracks sound more rock and roll, some others more southern or pure accoustic folk!
Where did you get these abilities in creating different kind of atmospheres? and your mainly influences?
we grew up around so many different types of music- our father is a conductor- and a music teacher so he was always going between different styles of music. He and mum were into watching orchestras and string ensembles- and sometimes they would take us along. Dad also plays in a covers band that plays so many different styles of music… from beachboys, to blues brothers with horns— to madness…. and yet they had a connecting style of their own that connected all the different styles. dad’s band would always sing in four part harmonies….

Will there be another album such as the lady of sunshine project?
Well. Angus felt like ‘big jet plane’ was a song that could work with the sound of ‘down the way’ and it was a song that he wanted to play live more… and for more people to share with. ‘hold on’ and ‘and the boys’

I took from a side project I was working on this year called ‘BY THE HORNS’. I think there will be lots of other records on the side and on the ceiling and some on the floor that me and angus make… There are so many different avenues and styles to explore.

Are you allowed to say something when one of your song is played during a Grey’s anatomy episod?
Hahaha.. I actually haven’t seen the scene where the song is played. I would like to for sure… I always love the combination of film and music… It makes a song unfold with so many different meanings. What was originally created with one thing in mind is then viewed in a totally different light. We just put our song ‘for you’ on a campaign in australia for ‘surf life saving’- it is promoting awareness about the need for people to learn first aid- CPR… So in emergencies we can all help resuscitate someone in need….It is really intense to watch the footage of a little boy who is dying while all these different people try to bring him back to life… The lyrics are saying ‘if you love me, with all of your heart’—- It gives me goosebumps. the song becomes about saving someones heart…. rather than a love song about a man. It’s cool.

In 2010 you were in Paris to promote your last album live, so what is the first thing you remember about France now ?
I had the very best hot chocolate ever in paris one year… and every time i get a hot chocolate i think about that beautiful time in the cold of paris… Walking about the streets with high boots and a woolly scarf and jumper…. and looking into the warm windows of cafes with people smiling and snuggled up… the smell of freshly baked breads and coffee brewing.. the smell of tobacco… the smell of fire places.
We had a great time this year at a festival called ‘mainsquare’ — it was in an old military base. it was a lot of fun and so far every french person we have spent time with has been so lovely and fun. we also visited Biarritz. and it is another aspect of france that is incredible. this tour coming up will be great because we will get to see so much more of france.

What would you do if you were not a musician?
I really don’t know. I think i would be someone who makes music in a small little cabin somewhere that the only the trees listen to—

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Well. We look forward to spending more time in your lovely country.

Website : http://www.juliastonemusic.com/

Thanks to Julia Stone & Anne Sophie
Interview by Clément F. Grelot, Thierry Jaussaud
Special Thanks to Sebastien Guebey & Valencia Enrhart