Boy & Bear formed in 2009, Boy & Bear originally began as a solo project for Dave Hosking. Jake Tarasenko joined and then they expanded with Killian Gavin and Tim Hart, all members being singer / songwriters.
On 5th August 2011, Boy & Bear released their debut album Moonfire. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Joe Chicarelli. The album reached #2 on the ARIA Top 50 Albums Chart.

How did the band form?

We all met one way or another through university. At the time we were all playing in separate bands, and after becoming friends throughout our time at Uni we decided to start a band, which became boy and bear.

What were your first impressions of each other?

We are all weird in our own unique ways.. Identifying each of our quirks took time. At the start was the easy part! They all seemed pretty nice at the start… Little did I know!

How would you characterize your style?
Musically? I think it’s best described as rock folk. Fashion wise we are all different though at times myself and Tim have ended up looking like twins.

Are there comparisons you typically get that you don’t agree with?
There are definitely some comparisons we got during the earlier days that I didn’t agree with, but didn’t mind none the less. I think radiohead was used once..

What do you think the album’s strongest track is?
Hard question, but probably my favorite is feeding line or part time believer.

How does the group work on songwriting?
The songwriting mainly starts with Dave bringing an initial idea, sometimes partly finished other times a full skeleton. From there as a band we all contribute and form the song that eventually we record.

And is the band always writing?
Not while we tour. Some bands can do it, though we like to be in the band room with all of our equipment to write. When you are on tour you actually don’t get much time with your equipment!

You’ve been collaborating with Joe Chicarelli for the recording of the album. How did this happen ?

He was really excited! We contacted quite a few producers to work with and Joe just felt like the guy

What is your favorite city on the tour so far?
Well I’m not actually over there yet to answer this one!

Do you find that your audience changes per country?

In previous tours yes. In America they are much more quiet, whereas in the UK they are quite vocal!

Have you planned any concert in Europe for 2012?
Yes we have.. I’m not sure on the dates but it is going to be announced very soon

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Hope you guys enjoy the songs.. We’d love to meet you at a show.. Come say hi!

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