The Amplifetes are a brand new 4-piece band from Sweden. Being accomplished songwriters and producers on their own, the members have worked with names such as Kelis, Madonna, Grandmaster Flash and Peter Bjorn and John.

While having occasionaly crossed paths during the course of their careers, they have existed as a unit for about a year. The band think of themselves as a dreamteam collaboration of their influences – listing 60s Psychadelia, The Electric Light Orchestra, The Ramones, Elvis Costello, David Bowie and Chicago Trax Records House releases.

The highly addictive result can be heard in The Amplifetes debut single “It´s my life”, a spitting image of urban life and a happy three-part marriage between garage pop, electro and punk. It was featured recently in a promo campaign for Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli, starring a lightly dressed Milla Jovovich, creating quite a stir over europe.

The intriguing cajun electronica of the follow up, “Whizz Kid”, has seen the band continue to get much love from radio stations and the blogosphere. Now their third single, a feverish road-trip psychadelia called “Somebody New”, lies ready to carry the torch along.

Firstly, I just want to say congratulations on the first album.
Merci, sorry it took us so long 🙂

How did you guys get together and started with The Amplifetes?
The Amplifetes formed by pure accident actually, some of us we’re tied in to the same publishing house and we started to swap beats and ideas via internet without any real plan but just more from the buzz of working on these little sound snippets. All of us been active for a pretty long time as producers/writers for other artist and the fact that the band formed was a major surprise , for us at least. We thought old people retirement home was the next step.

Do you write songs as a band, or do they all come from individual band members’ experiences?
For our debutalbum working individually via internet, surprising each other every time a file bounced back, not meeting each other until very last stage was a creative relief. So yes, we all chipped in.

So how is the songwriting process? Lyrics or music first?
That differs a bit from song to song , by sometime creating the beats first instead of the vocal hook, it tends to get a bit more interesting , but then again..the only formula is: there is no formula. Thanks god.

Would you be willing to do collaborations in the future?
Absolutly, bring it on.

To that extent, who is the one person that you would want to work with in a collaboration?
Oh, there is too many to mention, but perhaps Bowie on a lyrical side and Jeff Lynne for harmonics would be a treat for sure and then we run it all in our own blender machine.

Where are you answering our questions from?
From a snow filled countryside outside Stockholm where we rented a old house for a few days to rehearse. Logfires at night and not leaving the house at all except to collect wood to warm up the house is new formula for all of us, city species..

If you were to put your IPod on shuffle right now, what songs are reoccurring at the moment?
V2 Schneider – Bowie
Congratulations – MGMT
I follow rivers- Lykke Li
Music for airports – Brian Eno
Edit and Y
Ikon- As Times goes by

Can you tell me some words in French?
Mon dieu

What are your future plans? Do you have songs ready for the second album?
Slowly but surely, thank you for asking

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Thank you very much, France was where it all started for us so we are truly grateful for the awesome support.

The Amplifetes Website

Thanks to The Amplifetes
Special Thanks : Adrien Ohannessian
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud