Woman E are set to release their new track Desire. A piece of pure pop at its best: infectious, 90s infused and totally heartfelt. Woman E have always described their music as ‘melancholy disco’ and Desire seems to be the best example of that claim yet. The single is released on 24th February 2012 on AZTEC Records

How are you today and where are you answering our questions from?
We are both well, hiding in our warm studio from the freezing cold outside.

Where did the name Woman E originate from and the meaning behind it?
It’s the name that was used in a court case in the UK for a dominatrix who was involved in a sex scandal. We chose it because in Britain people are obsessed with celebrity, sex and Nazis. All of these things played a part in the case and it seemed a good representation of the times we live in. We are really interested in making music that relates to today.

When you first got to know each other did you decide you’d make music together?
We started making music together a week after we first met and this is actually the second band we have been in together.

Which comes first: the instrumentals or the lyrics?
Ideally it all happens together. Often it starts with an idea or a feeling. It’s like a puzzle that needs to be assembled somehow.

If Woman E were a movie or a combination of movies what would it be?
It would be a movie that would be elegant and dark at the same time, so probably a French film. Perhaps Truffaut’s The Bride Wore Black.

Describe your perfect day from start to end?
It will have to be somewhere in nature, possibly in Brazil and there would be no mobiles and Internet access, just friendly people, warm weather and beautiful scenery.

To conclude,
Three reasons to love your new Single « Desire »?

It’s uplifting, melancholy and you can dance to it.

Three words to describe it?
Uplifting, melancholic, danceable

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
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Woman E Website
Aztec Records

Thanks to Woman E
Special Thanks to Ariel from Aztec
interview by Thierry Jaussaud