This is the show that puts your favourite artists in the spotlight. All their favourite music is in Deluxe. Deluxe : Playlist By Garçon Garçon! Saturday at 6pm on TEEZ’FM. Their First E.P is out now on iTunes !

Can you please tell us about your band. How it came along, what’s with the name, something that’s been probably asked loads of times and you’re wondering how people can still ask now
We are Garcon Garcon, a two piece synth pop band from Sydney, Australia. We started working together about a year and a half ago and have just released our debut EP.

We started working on two demos just for fun, not really thinking about band names or taking it all too seriously. Then, when people started talking about our music and posting it on blogs, we really had to start thinking more about becoming a « real » band and finding a proper name.
Originally, we wanted to call ourselves « dark horse », but luckily that was already taken, cos it’s kinda lame… oops!

To be honest, Nathan had registered the domain name a few months prior to our meeting, simply because he thought it sounded cool! Then, when we met… it just clicked, and we became Garcon Garcon.

You just released your new EP . which influences inspire you when you’re songwriting ?
A number of things really – A combination of old and new. A lot of the EP was inspired by our growing up, but then of course it was certainly influenced by things that we both currently listen to on our ipods.

You’ve been collaborating with Cazwell for « Hollywood Song ». How did this happen ?
We were thinking about someone to collaborate on the track with because we really wanted to give the song a little more kick. We had been fans of Cazwell for quite a while, and so we gave him a call! Then we spent some time hanging out in Sydney and it just all fell together.

Now you have a EP out, is there an upcoming album on the way ?

We are definitely thinking about doing an album and already have some ideas for a few new tracks. For now we really want to focus on doing some new remixes, music videos, and putting together a full live show.

Do you have plans for touring in U.K, or even throughout Europe ?

Absolutely, we would love to come to Europe. We are going to break open our piggy banks and head over there as soon as we can.

Digital days indeed : so what is on your iPod ?
Nathan: Lana Del Ray, The Drums, The Juan Maclean, Azari & III
Nick: Beirut, Sykur, Skrillex, FM Belfast, Bjork

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
We would love for you to check out our new EP on iTunes! Hopefully we will be doing some gigs in your part of the world very soon!

Garçon Garçon Website

Thanks to Nathan & Nick
interview by Thierry Jaussaud