Twenty-two-year-old Louisa Rose Allen, aka Foxes, certainly thinks so. Available as a free download via Neon Gold, her debut single Youth is just released on vinyl.

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Hey Lou Thanks for letting us put to you a few of our questions – how are you today?
Hello! I’m very well thanks its a Sunday so I’m hanging out with my flatmates who are all boys and are currently playing table tennis in my room…Im also living in my onesie at the moment as its suddenly decided to be winter!

Be sure to introduce yourself to our readers who may not be familiar with who you are!
Hello readers! I’m a music maker from London called Foxes real name Louisa, people keep getting confused with the foxes thing and tend to think i’m a big band but its actually just me. I figured if Sting can be a verb then i can be a plural right?

We’re big fans of Neon Gold Records, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out you were signed to them. How did that come about?
They are great aren’t they! I think they heard ‘Youth’ somehow and from there wanted to release it which is amazing i’m a big fan of all the acts they’ve supported in the past so its a lovely compliment that they’d be interested in my music.

Let’s talk about your music. ‘Home’ is your first single, what’s the story behind the track?
‘Home’ is a very personal track and i never really thought it would be let out into the world…it was a good way for me to make sense and to justify to myself that it was ok to be living in London and not back home…Its a song about friends that will come and go in your life and that its ok for it be like that, its ok to grow up with someone and then for your life to take different paths… I think when you move away from home its harder to stay as close to people as you once were…even though you would like to, I just needed to accept that and i felt like they did too.

I love ‘Youth’ a little bit too much and must confess to it being one of my favorite song at the Mo ! What inspired you in the whole recording process?
I think i have the mindset of a 6 year old….I love the way children think and how much is possible to them, i used to play a time travel game and genuinely believed i’d time traveled! Drop dead Fred has always been one of my favourite films and i think thats inspired me a lot. But When it was time to ‘grow up’ it seemed like i couldn’t take that way of thinking or the fun of being young into the adult world. There’s a darker side to growing up and a time bomb that seems to start ticking….its like get a job be normal…watch the news generally stop dancing in the street. i think we should be able to do what we want to as long as we work hard at it… and surely the most important thing is to enjoy what you do and be passionate about it otherwise whats the point in doing it?

Aside from making music, what do you do with your time?

I watch a lot of movies i’m inspired by visual things so and i have a select few favorite ones i’ve watched since i was about 5 my mum once said i watched Forest Gump 5 times in one day….i still do that now. I also see my friends as much as i can especially the mad ones they keep me sane….And i laugh as much as possible…I really want to take up Laughing Yoga but haven’t found a class anywhere if someone can suggest one though that would be great

Do you have a favourite all-time record?

Ah thats such a hard question….Does anyone really have 1 favourite track? I go through obsessive moments where i listen to something on repeat for about a week, at the moment its probably call your girlfriend by Robyn i literally put it on in the morning and dance like no ones watching but they usually are and its usually builders … She’s such a great pop artist! Patti Smith, Bjork… Kate Bush and Nina Simone have BIG places in my heart though.

What can we expect from you in the future?
More music…more gigging… . At the moment i’m just loving that people are actually listening its a crazy thing still trying to get used to it!

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
I guess i should plug my single that’s coming out on the 16th of Jan on Neon Gold Records which is actually tomorrow ha!
You should do this because you can dance like you’ve lost the feeling in your arms to ‘youth’ and be moody to ‘Home’ 2 feelings for one?!

Foxes ‘Youth’ available as a FREE download now at http://www.iamfoxes.com. ‘Youth / Home’ available as a Neon Gold 7″ on 16 January.