GusGus is an electronic soul band formed in 1995. A short brake in a making of the shortcut made it possible for the first GusGus self-titled album to be born. In 1996 the band signed to 4AD Records that released their widely acclaimed second album “Polydistortion”. « This Is Normal » followed in 1999 and finally « GusGus vs T-World » appeared in 2000. During the 4AD years, GusGus started touring massively, stirring the music world with their powerful live-show. The touring life was stressful for the nine some and eventually called for changes within the line up. Six original members left and the three remaining producers (Veiran, President Bongo and Herb Legowitz) soon found hope in a new female singer, Earth aka Urður Hákonardóttir. The band has ever since focused on being a musical entity.

In 2002 GusGus re-appeared with their 4th studio album « Attention » which includes their most successful dance floor hit “David”. On the album the band teamed up with the legendary producer Gareth Jones and Finnish multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor. The album demonstrates a sharply focused club-band full of creativity and even more energetic than ever. Daníel Ágúst

GusGus just released there 7th studio album, Arabian Horse, on Kompakt, Germany.

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Arabian Horse is the eight GusGus record. Did you always envision GusGus as a band that would have multiple albums and make music over a long period of time?
There was at least never any vision to quit. I have personally really hard time detaching with anything I have already made mine. Like home, girlfriends, music making and jobs. The investment is always intensive and little browsing for othere possibilities. Regarding Gusgus the only time the band was on the verge to quit was in 2000 when all of the singers and lyric writers left the band. You could say that the instrumental tour we did in France in the summer 2000 urged me and President Bongo to continue with the act reassigning Buckmaster to his former position.

Do you see GusGus as more of a concept than a band?
To some concept has been fundamental but to me that aspect does not have higher weight than the essence in music making. One is exploring different music paths more based on urge than concept but then you need a concept to tie everything together, the music, lyrics, haircuts, artwork and videos. The figure of Bremen Cowboy was very important to justify all the 24/7 package, more to us than anyone else though. That concept was ment to last 3 albums. Arabian Horse rests on the basic ideas laid out on 24/7 but Bremen Cowboy is distant though same mental deadlocks linger.

What is the impact of so many different voices on the homogeneity of your music?
I think it is just something we inherited from the first two albums. Having three singers is kind of a standard, with anything less an abnormality. But then we like abnormalities so I guess anything goes.

How have you met Urður Hákonardóttir, your new singer? Is she a full member of the band now?
Well Urður (Earth) was the backbone of the band from the years 2002 to 2007 so she can not be described as new. The initial contact was basically in the year 2000 when she approached the Dj’s and did some MC’ing with them in Reykjavik City. It is Högni Egislon from Hjaltalin that can be described as new. While they want to hang out with the band they are full members.

Are there singers who refused to work with you? On the other hand, did you reject some collaborations?
I cant say that there have been any serious efforts to bring more people into the act nor have any approaches from outsiders been taken seriously. It is kind of a families, dysfunctional to some extent but family newer the less. I’m not sure if you apply for family participations it just happens.

How do the initial demos differ from what we hear on the album?
9 of the track from Arabian Horse started out as demos from two summerhouse visits in the winter 2009/2010. From my end I had been swimming in cord arrangements and arpeggios back at my studio with no solutions to any drum arrangements. Though the demo of Magnified Love was close to the final versions (we just replaced the bass line) most of the others where just cords or arpeggios, bass drum and vocal. I guess I need to upload some of these demos as a Freaky Friday Giveaway Item on our Facebook site soon.

You have quite a lot of fans in France? Have you planned any concert there for 2012?
There is some planning and talks. Not sure if any contracts have been made. But it is a necessity to go.

What can we expect from GusGus for 2012?

The plan is to tour our album more during the fall and the summer. I guess we start working on new album as well. It would be ideal if we could finish one next fall with release in early 2013 but only time can tell if that happens. Some other collaboration projects linger in the air but all that is still confidential at this moment.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
I’ll urge people that have not checked out our album to do so. It is good J. And for those who like free music or have deeper interest in the band, they should check our Facebook site (or if they dislike Facebook) and follow the Freaky Friday Giveaway Items. Every Friday we upload one unreleased demo, live recording, alternative versions or rare B-side as a giveaway to our fans.