Jade Williams is a British solo pop singer, who performs under the stage name Sunday Girl. The name originates from when she was younger and used to work in a pet shop every Sunday; where over time she became known as Sunday Girl.

The New Sunday Girl Single « Where is My Mind » is out now !

Jade accepted to answer some of our questions :

We must say it’s a pleasure to get the chance to put a few of our questions, so we’ll start off by thanking you for taking the time out to answer them! How long have you been making music for?
I have always written little poems and thoughts down but I put them to music when I was about 17 and joined my first band. I started to take it seriously about a year later when i was spotted by a manger when I was singing in a bar and he put me in contact with other song writers. Singing has always just been something that I do without even thinking about it, I loved it! thats why i knew I had to do it as a career

You’ve been collaborating with Martin Solveig. How did this happen ?
Martin was looking for a female artist to feature on a track on his album and we met up in Paris to do some recording and we really hit it off. He then invited me to go to Australia with his to do the Cream Fields tour. I was one of the best experiences of my life

Leaking an album online before street date. How do you cope with what happens on the internet nowadays. Is this simply a basic rule of the « game » or are you heavily still pissed at it ?

It hasn’t happened to me yet so I can only guess that I would be pretty annoyed, its like someone else opening your presents at christmas!!!

To conclude with,

How do you feel about the current age of the blogosphere and bloggers alike? They must really benefit you in a sense that your music is being put out there to the masses.
Blogs are amazing for getting your music heard, a good track can spread and go huge over night. I don’t like blogs that are there just to abuse songs, if you don’t like it don’t blog about it?

Tell us about your style, what labels do you wear and what beauty products do you swear by?
I love to dress like a boy! i like looking tailored, parisian and love all things Chanel! Mulberry is another one of my favourite brands. They are so fun and British. Beauty products, I love Bumble and Bumble hair stuff and mac makeup

How meaningful is France to you ? What is the first thing you remember about France?
It is one of my favourite places . Everytime i go it makes me feel so peaceful and creative. It has so many great memories for me, trips with my boyfriend, fashion week, meeting Martin Solveig and just being happy. I would love to live in Paris some day


Thanks to Jade, Alistair and Stephanie
interview by Thierry Jaussaud