The new member of the Kitsuné Club family and ex Aeroplane, The Magician released his first single “I Don’t Know What to Do” a few weeks ago on Kitsuné.


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Who is The Magician?
The Magician is a character who only appear at night. He produces and plays music to make people dance and happy.

What is the theme of « I Don’t Know What To Do » ? What is it about ?

It’s about a guy. His girlfriend left him, he’s desesperated, he don’t know what to do, he keeps on calling her. It’s actually Jeppe (The singer) who wrote the lyrics.

The whole disco house/electro pop movement seems to be making a come back at the moment, why do you think that is?
I think it’s been a long time that’s coming back, or it never really disappeared. It’s just more and more popular. Genre are merging with other genre of music.. Music is also easy to find with internet.

What is your favourite musical decade? Why?
80’s because everything was possible. It’s also my childhood, so it reminds me great things and my first steps into electronic music.

What tracks are you mixing these days? What kind of sound are you interested in creating?
I’m not in the studio at the moment because of big tours all around the World. I can’t wait to be back home to make new music.

You’ve been collaborating with Yuksek. How did this happen ?
We’ve met at Calvi on The Rocks Festival 2010 then I’ve been to his studio, we made Twist EP. We made new music last summer 2011 as well, we’ll finish some new tracks soon after the tours. He’s touring a lot too, so it’s not easy to be in the studio together.

You’ve remixed Lykke Li’s ‘I Follow Rivers’ and Yuksek’s ‘On a Train’ to name a few, any other artists on the card for remixing?
I did The Aikiu « The Red Kiss », Scenic « Another Sky », Wolf Gang « Stay And Defend » and Tyson « After You’ve Gone ». I’ve stop remixes to focus on original material at the moment.

Favourite all time track?
Really hard to pick just one, maybe The Beach Boys « God Only Knows ».

Where are you answering our interview questions from?
On a plane from Sydney to Auckland (NZ)

What’s the first album you can remember holding in your hands?
Michael Jackson « Thriller »

When is your first album coming out and where can the people find your music now?
I don’t have any album planned yet. People can find some of my music for free on my soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/themagician) and can buy it on itunes, on beatport.com, on juno.co.uk and also some vinyls at Piccadilly, Phonica, Rough Trade, Juno, etc..

What can we wish to you from now on, with the release of the single ?

A long live to the single!

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Thank you to listen to my music and to be open minded.