Yuksek is a French electronic music producer, remixer and DJ born in 1977, native of Reims, France. After playing the piano for ten years at a conservatoire, he took part in several bands such as Klanguage, whose first album was released in 2007. He created his first tracks as Yuksek in 2006 and then started to perform successfully as a DJ all over the world. At the same time, his first EPs and remixes were released on labels such as Relish, I’m a cliché, Kitsuné, Xploited and Citizen.
His debut album, Away from the Sea, was released on February 9, 2009. Including the singles Tonight and Extraball, this album received a lot of media attention (for instance he was interviewed on the famous french TV show Le Grand Journal de Canal+).
After touring for 2 years, Yuksek released his second album, Living on the Edge of Time,on June 13, 2011. This album – like the debut single On a Train – took a pop direction but Yuksek’s electronic flow was still there. Yuksek has also been involved in many other musical projects such as The Krays (with Brodinski) and Peter & The Magician (with Stephen Fasano, ex-Aeroplane).

Yuksek accepted to answer some of our questions :

Give us some personal background on the man behind the music. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in a city called Reims in France, i studied piano at the national school for 10 years, then I stopped classical music and school and had different projects, bands and production works since then…

How did you get your start playing and making music? Was there a specific moment when you knew this was something you wanted to do full-time?
My parents offered me to go in the music school when I was 6, and I loved it, since may be the age of 10 I knew music was the only thing I wanted to do in my life, in a way or another.

Were there particular artists or genres that influenced you during your early years?
i was really crazy about Kurt Cobain, and at the same time i loved DeLaSoul and The Doors, Lou Reed, The Cure….I always listened to a lot of different things…And I’m still.

You recently released your new album ‘ Living on the Edge of Time’, how has the fan reception been so far?
Very good, some people were surprised by the fact that the album is more pop than the first one, but the new Live show is really inbetween the 2 records.

Do you have a particular favourite track from the album?
To See you smile.

You’ve been collaborating with The Magician. How did this happen ?
I met Stephen when he left Aeroplane, I was looking for someone to help producing some tracks and remixes, so he came to the studio, and after 2 days working for him we decided to make a track, we made 3 in 2 days, easy like this.

What gets you more excited, producing a hot track or djing at a crazy gig?
I don’t play dj often, but if you talk about the live act ( we are 3 people on stage ) i love doing it, and I love producing music for me or for other people, doing remixes or anything in the music. Everything in music excites me.

What is your opinion on the influence of music blogs on the music industry?
Nothing special to say, there are very good writers, people can really talk about what they love or hate, without the commercial pressure. Most of the time it’s a good medium.

Where do you see yourself in a few years from now? Anything coming up you’d like to throw out there that’s coming up?
same, maybe a bit more production for other artists and less stage appearence.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Je vous aime beaucoup.


Thanks to Yuksek & Anissa
interview by Thierry Jaussaud

Photo : Quentin De Briey

Yuksek // Always On The Run
Yuksek – Always On The Run by FrenchMusicUK