The Golden Filter are an enigmatic New York electro duo that started gaining a buzz from their remixes of Cut Copy and Peter Bjorn and John. Even with their identities hidden from the Web, word of their music spread after they sent their first song, a breathy, arpeggiated disco jam titled « Solid Gold, » to a few music blogs in the summer of 2008. Dummy magazine signed Stephen Hindman (production/synths) and Penelope Trappes (vocals) to their fledgling label soon after and the two made plans to play SXSW before going on tour with the Presets. In 2009, the Dummy label released « Solid Gold » as a limited 7″ with « Favourite Things » as the B-side. The duo’s long-awaited debut album, Voluspa, was released in April of 2010 on Brille Records.

Can you just tell me a bit about the band? Sort of the boring, basic story you have to tell every journalist you speak to:
We have never told anyone this, but we are from Morocco and met on a train to Paris over tea and Minties. We recorded our record there and proceeded to misplace it for 3 years until we released Voluspa.

How long have you been playing together? How did you get together?
We’ve known each other for 3 more years than we’ve been playing together for, although that may depend on your definition of « playing ».
We got together because we were neighbors. It’s always a nice neighborly thing to do was meet and say hi.

Why did you decide to work on a film project like this after your last album, Voluspa?
For what would eventually become Syndromes, we wrote music that seemed more cinematic than what we wrote for Voluspa. So we naturally decided to look for a director to work on a film with.

Can you tell us how the recording came along and in which way you think it differs from the previous one ?
For Syndromes, we didn’t worry about if these songs would ever get released. We really just wrote and recorded whatever we wanted. For Voluspa we knew that we were working toward an album that could get caught up within the « pop » genre.

Which one of you got the idea to work on this project?
Both of us

In a recent interview of yours, you’re talking about working on an Opera project. Is it a logical follow-up to you?
Penelope used to sing opera, so she’s always talking about doing an opera project. But opera seems to be extremely in-vogue these days, so maybe we’ll hold off on it for now. All of our music has opera influences, but we’re just using different technology than standard Opera.

Who are you listening to at the moment? Who are your tip for the next few months?
We’ve been listening to the soundtrack to Taxi Driver on repeat. Our tip for the next few months is to shut off the Television.

So, Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
No pain no gain.

Thanks to The Golden Filter & Adam
Thanks to Seb Gueb
interview by Thierry Jaussaud

Watch Syndromes by The Golden Filter

SYNDROMES – a short film by Kristoffer Borgli & The Golden Filter from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.