Playlist : Deluxe by Vanbot Saturday 19th November at 06h00pm

VANBOT is the music that loves the synthesizer, lives for the nerve and longs to dance!
After several pop-projects Ester Ideskog, Sweden, has emerged producing sparkling electro-pop with Vanbot and her alter ego, Vanessa.

Vanessa is the tougher, fearless Stockholm City girl who is driven by determined purposefulness and true DIY spirit. Inspiring songs are born during bike rides through the City night. Shaped by nerve and formed with beats they come to life in the little studio with the oversized worldmap where dreams can fly.

The Electro-pop debut album VANBOT is out Now !

Vanbot accepted to answer some of our questions :

Hello Vanbot, How are You?
Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about yourself please?
Vanbot is Swedish electro pop with a lot of love for the melodies and the nerve.
I just had to make reality of these songs since these are my beloved stories and the melodies are my babies. I write the songs and produce them together with my friend Sebastian Forslund.

When did you first start making music and what inspired you?
I really can´t remember. I think I´ve always had a great love for writing music, at least since I was 15 years old. I find inspiration in the songs that communicate something hidden, an honest message. But also in the fighting spirit. Most of my songs on this album are meant to boost people and encourage them to believe in themselves.

Can you recall the moment when you first decided you wanted to become a musician?
Me and my dear friend make promises once a year, they become the goals for the year. Last year I promised her that I would give my music an honest try! She really encourages me and is one of my best friends and supporter. That´s when it all started for real. I´m pretty focused and stubborn and I really get inspired by the hole thing of creating an album from idea to CD.

Your first album « Vanbot » is out- which songs on there are you most proud of?
I must say Ringing. I still feel the nerve in that melodi. It stands for so much of what I want to communicate.

Do you think the internet makes it easier for a singer starting now than it was ten years ago?
Abolutely! I never expected this great response, and I think it´s a lot because of the possibilities to spread the music on blogs and social networks.

Where can we come and see you play live?
Come to SXSW Austin, Texas March 2012. I also have some non-confirmed bookings in France spring 2012…

To conclude with :
What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

I worked a lot in an industry when I was young. Sorting metal parts all day long. So boring.

What one item would you save if your house was on fire?

My (too) many and (too) small writing books.

Can you tell me some words in French?

How does the rest of 2011 look for you?
Right now I´m working on getting everything in place for the release of the Remix EP. I´m also working in the studio, recording some new stuff and and doing some collaborations. There are also 2 stunning music videos waiting to be released. I´m just waiting for the right moment.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
I hope you will love my album and if you do: Spread the Vanbot

Thanks to Vanbot
interview by Thierry Jaussaud

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