Kate Havnevik is a singer and songwriter from Oslo, Norway. Her debut album, the critically acclaimed electronica infused Melankton was released in 2006. Havnevik released an EP called ‘me’ in the fall of 2009, while preparing her second album, ‘You’, which is to be released on 10 October (only on her Website). Kate is releasing her albums through her own record label, Continentica Records.

Thanks to Kate Havnevik


Thierry Jaussaud & Sebastien Guebey

Hello Kate, what’ve you been up to lately?
Hey I have just been to the movies and I saw a film called “Et maintenant, on va où?”
It was really good! …..and funny at times! 🙂
I also enjoy going for walks in nature and we have beautiful nature here in Norway.

Where are you answering our interview questions from?
Right now I am at my mums house right outside of Oslo, its a big cozy wooden house and nice and warm….

You have a new album, ‘You ‘. How does it differ from Melankton ?

YOU is my pop-album! It has much more pace, is a little snappier and more energetic, but you will also fin similarities to Melankton especially on some tracks.

Can you tell us of something particular you encountered during songwriting for this album ?
I had a pretty hard time in my personal life at the time and I was consciously trying to pep myself up…. Show Me Love became an uplifting song to work on because it made me feel good and made me and Guy Sigsworth, my producer, dance around in the studio being silly… Castaway made me dream and feel like I was out on the ocean. I enjoyed working on the songs and they took me to different places emotionally.

Do you feel there are standout tracks, classic pop moments or other songs you feel more particularly proud of ?
I am proud of the whole record, but I guess for me some of the tracks that stand out for me are Disobey -is pop-tastic, Castaway is -epic and Tears In Rain -is just sparse, sad and like a little story of its own.

When you first start recording this album, did you have something in mind for the project?
I wanted this album to be more energetic and faster in pace, I also wanted more guitar and drums. All the songs are also more or less about relations between people, lovers, friends, family and strangers. I wanted the songs to have a sense of hope. But I was also very much letting the songs take on their own direction without planing too much, I didn’t want to restrict myself.

One of my favourite songs is « Unlike me », what inspired those lyrics?

I wrote most of the lyrics before I wrote the song and it was one day where I had an unrest in me, I was feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere and all these different thoughts came to mind. I also felt that I wasn’t always understood and appreciated…

Are you allowed to say something when one of your song is played during a Grey’s anatomy episod?
I was very happy and flattered to have songs in Grey’s Anatomy !

and what impact has it had on your career?
To have so many songs in Grey’s Anatomy has had a huge impact on my career as it suddenly introduced me to a big audience and they would hear me while watching their favourite tv-show. My music went straight into people’s homes through TV and that is amazing for someone who don’t make regular top-40 radio hits. It very much the new way of reaching audiences and great to be associated with a quality TV-show…. so all positive really… I even got a personal letter from the producer of the show when I had written Grace form season finale 2. Grace was just used for the second time in the show this spring and one of the actresses in the show, Sara Ramirez, performed my song in a musical episode.

What do you enjoy doing outside of music?
I enjoy movies, art, making things and being in nature…

What’s your favourite part of music history? (acts/genres etc)
I love The Cure and those dark shoegazer bands Mazzy Star, Cocteau Twins…good times !

Do you still buy CD singles/albums, or is it all about downloads?
I mostly buy digital downloads of albums, but if it is an artist I particularly like I might wanna get the CD just to look at the cover and hold it in my hands. I do find it harder and harder to find good record shops to browse through though. I was just told by a friend that there are only about 40 record shops in all of Norway!

Who would you most like to interview and what would you ask them?
I would love to interview David Bowie. I would ask questions about Major Tom 🙂

What else can you tell us about Kate Havnevik, any facts people may not know?
As a child I collected stones and rocks and wanted to go into caves to find more.
I love watching south park !
I make marcipan from scratch… it’s very good !

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Please check out my new album in my webshop!

I hope to soon come and play live wherever you are !