Who is 047? How it came along, what’s with the name, something that’s been probably asked loads of times and you’re wondering how people can still ask now 🙂
047 was created as a result of an idea that Peter Engström had back in 2001. He wanted to create a x-mas themed chiptune album and asked Niklas Ström and Sebastian Rutgersson to participate. And so they did. On December 19, the 19 track album was completed. The name of the band, 047, is taken from the famous tracker Fasttracker II, in which all of the songs were created. If you type in 047 after a tone in FTII (and other tracker programmes), you will create a major arpeggiated chord, since we considered our music to be happy.

How would you describe your music?
Today, we have grown apart from the chiptune scene, but we still find som influences in that genre. We concider ourselves to be more of an electronic act, and we find ourselves inergrating more and more vocal elements. On our last album « Elva », we have collaborated with three different Swedish singers; Tomas Halberstad, Lisa Pedersen and Gustaf Spetz.

When you first got to know each other did you decide you’d make music together?
Sebastian Rutgersson and Peter Engström, which are the remaining members of 047, got to know each other in 2000 through Sebastians brother. We found out that we had similar musical preferences when we started plaing in a country/rock band (with Sebastian on drums and Peter on synth and organ). And the first collaborative song was made after a rehersal with that band.

How do you share the lyric writing?

The lyrics featured on the album is written by the featured artists themselves.

What is your first musical memories?

I used to use the built in microphone on my old casette player to record music from different videogames. Since I did not know how to use a cord, I always had to stay real quiet, so that I would not disturb the recording.

I remember the first song my dad tought me playing on a piano. It was « Right here waiting for you » by Richard Marx. My dad always played the piano when my mom was at work, and I used to sit next to him, trying to figure out how he did it.

Any new artists or albums that you’re into lately?
We both fancy Skrillex a great deal. We believe that he is creating tracks that are both musically interresting and evil as shit! Except Skrillex, there is not much new stuff added to pur playlists recently. I guess we are stuck in old habits, always keeping Girls just wanna have fun on our common top five list.

Do you have plans for touring in U.K, or even throughout Europe ?
We would love to visit other countries and to perform our music. We haven’t travelled furher than to Copenhagen though, but we would absolutely be interested to travel through Europe if the chance was presented.

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
I you like our music, why don’t you follow us on Facebook for the latest updates? Maybe we’ll meet in the future on an event near you!

Website : http://047.se/

Thanks to Sebastian & Peter
interview by Thierry Jaussaud

047 // Keep it to Yourself (feat. Gustaf Spetz)
047 – Keep it to Yourself (feat. Gustaf Spetz) by Nollfyrasju