The Aston Shuffle’s ascent to the top of the Australian dance music totem has been nothing short of startling.
2011 sees the release of their anticipated debut album, Seventeen Past Midnight, which looks to cement them as the next wave of Australia’s emerging electronic scene if the reaction to the initial singles is anything to go by. The first single from Seventeen Past Midnight, ‘Your Love’, fused the group’s love of razor-edged electro breakdowns with an enslaving vocoder refrain. It caused sparks across national airwaves and brought many a blog to the limits of its bandwidth. The anthemic sequel ‘Start Again’ promises to continue powering the Shuffle juggernaut into the stratosphere of stereo. Kicking genres to the kerb, it’s sort of nu-electroclash with a straight up edge, a femme-fatale vox that oozes bliss and a kick so tight that you can feel it in your back teeth. Accompanied by one of the strongest remix packs to see the light of day, the herculean single is set to be a hit of the future. The Aston Shuffle’s meteoric rise to this point in space and time has merely been a courting of aural foreplay, a tease of talents, which this duo possesses.

How did you first come together?
As we are both originally from Canberra and it being quite a small town it was inevitable that we get to know each other as we hung out at the same record store and nightclubs.. Once we struck up a bit of a friendship we realised that we had similar tastes in music so we decided to have a crack at writing some music together. We honestly never imagined we were going to make a career out of it that’s for sure!

Your album  » Seventeen Past Midnight » sounds great, are you happy with the reception that it’s received?
We are incredibly stoked with how its been received so far, the response has been really positive. When you have been living so close to a project of that size for so long you do start to second guess yourself and think ‘Is this even any good anymore??’ I’m sure that a lot of creative people go through the same process when having to work on big projects for long periods of time! We have come from a DJ/Club oriented background so doing an album felt like a bit of a leap at the time so to know that it connected with people really gives us the faith and confidence to go straight into album #2

Considering the time it took to make, as well as the added interest in this album, did you feel any external pressure?

When we first started the writing process we really didn’t know where to start or what we wanted to say.. We spent a very long period of time just noodling around working on ideas, at that point it really felt like there was no end in sight and i think we really started to feel the pressure building but once we finished writing Your Love the rest of the album didn’t take too long after that… Thank god! 🙂

Do you find it fairly easy to created new music?
Sometimes it can come together quickly, other times it feels like it will never get finsihed.. I guess that’s the problem when having to be creative for a living, at times you just cant force it. For us anything decent we have ever done has come from an experience, a feeling or a moment in some way or another. That said though when our manager kicks our ass about deadlines we always seem to get them done in time! 🙂

‘Your Love’ is pretty infectious. It’s impossible to get that chorus line out of your head after just one listen. What is your favourite song on the album and why?

Mikah: Into Forever – I think I like this track so much as it’s one of the last songs we completed on the album, It features the amazing vocal talents of Nik Yiannikas from the Lost Valentinos who also did featured on The Surface as well.. To me this song is so uplifting and I love the production, plus it really ties the whole album together well.. also there is a line in the song that we used for the title of the album!

Your new single « Won’t get Lost » is just out but not available on « Seventeen past Midnight ». You’re working on a new album, right?
For the last few months we have been writing individually with no real agendas or set goals in mind! But when we got a vocal demo back for ‘Wont Get Lost’ from an amazingly talented songwriter/producer by the name of Stylaz Fuego we wanted to get it out asap! it just sounded so warm, so summery and epic.. it would have gone to waste if we didn’t get it out straight away! 🙂

Collaborations seem in vogue currently, have you got any plans or intent to co-produce any new music?
We have been working with some amazing people of late but we dont want to give the game away just yet.. Hopefully you’ll be hearing more what comes out of these sessions very very soon.. hahahaha 🙂

The Australian scene has been very prolific over the past few years. What is your point of view on the current Australian scene and the international exposure it has gained ?
Australia’s scene is bursting at the seams at the moment and finally the rest of the world is really starting to take notice! Musically it feels like there is something special going on over here, maybe its the weather or something 🙂

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
Thanks for taking the time out to get to know us and hopefully we will be over your way sometime very soon!

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Thanks to Mikah Freeman and Vance Musgrove
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Interview by Thierry Jaussaud

Credit Photo : Cybele Malinowski

The Aston Shuffle // Wont Get Lost
Wont Get Lost by TheAstonShuffle