TYP tries to define a new kind of a band, with music as it’s main passion, alongside other talented artists in various fields – Net Art, Design, Video and more.

Ivri accepted to answer some of our questions :

Who is TYP?
TYP is a new kind of a « band », it’s a group of artists from different field [ music, design, Internet…] that work together creating stuff under this concept.

How would you describe your music?
We think alt pop/electronica is probably the best way to describe it.

How did the band form? What is the band’s vision and goal?

The Band started from Johnny and me [ Ivri ] just writing songs together for a year before we realized we have a big project in our hands. after thinking a bit about what kind of a thing we wanna do we decided that we wanna have a « band » but maybe a different kind of a band. so we started working with artists from other fields like Graphic design, Internet and video on creating visuals and concepts to go with the music cause we felt that today it’s part of the music. we’re trying to create an experience with all those tools around the concept of « the young professionals » that speaks the lifestyle of people who fall into this category but feel a duality about the western modern life, being part of it and loving certain aspects of it but also seeing the problems of it and hating parts of it :}

What is your perfect vision of Dance music?

Music that moves your body but also your mind and soul….

You have a new single to promote :what is the theme of “20 seconds ” ?
What is it about ?
20 seconds is very much about an individual looking on the modern way of young people living in a big city, having people and machines working with/for them but feeling really alone inside all this craziness and looking for that special human connection.

Who or what is the zenith of pop music that you aspire to reach or even come close to?
We like listening to pop music from the last 30 years, from bands like Yazoo, Pet shop boys and eurythmics to newer stuff like Hot chip, Justis and LCD soundsystem. but as far as the Zenith of pop music go it’s probably Madonna :}

Why did you choose “D.I.S.C.O” for your cover?

I [ Ivri ] was a big Ottawan fan when I was a kid, listening to their album a lot so one day after speaking to a french friend about fresh music from the 80’s I thought it’ll be amazing if we can create something new based on a sample of their DISCO hit.

Name one your favorite pop tracks from the last 6 decades that have heavily influenced your sound.

The perfect pop track for me is « sweet dreams » by the eurythmics. it’s so precise simple and smart at the same time it’s like a perfect diamond.

Future plans for TYP? Tour? Album?
We just released our album in Israel as the first place , planning to release stuff soon around europe and then ofcours tour as much as we can :]

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
We wanna thank everybody for listening to our music and giving us such a strong feedback, it’s great to know people are excited about what we do and we can’t wait to start playing live for people. come visit us at

The Young Professionals are nominated to « best israel act » for the Next MTV Europe Music Awards. So, you can support them at http://fr.mtvema.com/

Thanks to TYP
interview by Thierry Jaussaud
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TYP // 20 Seconds
20 Seconds by The Young Professionals