Sounds of Nonno is a collaborative electronic music project, indie-techno or arena-electro, Please listen and decide for yourself! The music is a lofi/hifi mix of programmed synths, beats and samples with some acustic elements, to make a long story short; a sequencer program, a tape recorder and a tambourine. On the Ep « the Crush » (JMD005: 20011-05-02) the Nonno crew has included Jenny Wahlström, Terese Fredenwall and Fredric Johansson whom have contributed with their beautiful voices. We like this description on the title track: « a stunning mix of intricately programmed beats and bleeps that jerk and jolt in all the right places, the childlike vocals lending it a sweet pop edge »

Hi Gustaf – how are things with you today?
Hello,Im fine, theres a lot to do, fun things mostly, we have just done our first gig with the new ep in stockholm and it was very nice! And we are rehearsing, talking about videos and future gigs!

So lets start at the beginning. How did Sounds of Nonno come into being?
hm… From the beginning it was one song called « once » that I rehearsed and recorded with a band, it was fun and i started programing, sampling and do more songs, tried different band setups, did some gigs. It has always been a collaboration project between me and some friends helping me with lyrics melodies, beats and synths.

How would you describe your sound?
I would like to describe it as some kind of electronic music, a mix of indi/arena sounds in a techno electro kind of way =) I like it when the lofi sounds meets modern dance music sounds.

Your EP has been released in Sweden only so far. Any plans for more records in the near future, an album?
I dont realy know, we have some songs that will be recorded this summer or early fall but I dont know if the « album » format is the best way for us to releas new songs, I like eps because you can focus more on the songs and not so much on the whole thing, on an album you have to do many things around the whole production that you dont have to do with an ep. But who knows, maybe some day, and then we have to release it on vinyl and tape!

Is there an international release planned ?

The release is now out on spotify, itunes, amazon, emusic and some others, we are also planning on a limited hand made physical release!

Do you find time management is difficult, as a band beginning their career?
absolutley, It is very hard, but we like to do music, and if someone wants to listen it is very fun, so we keep it that way and are not so serious about the whole management thing, but our excellent label jämmerdosa is a wonderful creative collective and we try to help each other as much as we can!

To conclude with,
> Where are you answering our interview questions from?

in a temporary studio in stockholm with a beautiful summer breeze from the open window

What’s your current listening?
Kalter – Choker, excellent track!

What is the first song you put on when you wake up?

hm, Loney, dear, the city the airport has a good crescendo, something to wake up happy to!

Can you tell me some words in French?
J’aime la techno française! (hope it is correct! =)

What’s next for Sounds Of Nonno? Is there any plans for a tour soon?
At the moment we have no tour planned, maybe some gigs in Sweden this fall. But we will not rest, we have some new material that we are working on with nice beats and some interesting synth sounds. There are also ideas for a new music video!

Thanks to Gustaf
interview by Thierry Jaussaud

Sounds Of Nonno // The Crush
The Crush by Jämmerdosa