The New Single « Red Kiss » Out Now !

What happens when you take a kid, make him travel around the world, introduce him to classical music, to Michael Jackson, teach him the piano, and tell him bedtime stories about ghosts and spirits? You get Alex Aikiu.

Born in Paris but brought up in Africa, The Aikiu was introduced from an early age to Western pop culture. However, The Aikiu never disowned his origins and continues to draw heavily from his dusky childhood memories of Africa.

Hungry to learn, eager to see the world, and take his thirst for music further, he teamed up with his renowned friends Julien Vichnievsky and Cedric Pilooski, both established figures of the electro scene, and give birth to a band, The Aikiu.

The new single « The Red Kiss «  ( single + EP remixes ) is available since 14th March 2011. You can buy your copy here  The Red Kiss on Soundcloud 
Alex accepted to answer some of our questions

How are you today and where are you answering our questions from?
Hello there… I’m good, it’s 9AM, I’m in my kitchen in Paris listening to Mickey and Sylvia « Love is strange », his song makes me crazy!!!! even if if dark outside…

Tell me about where you are from, and describe your music?
I’m french but Vietnamese from my mother and french/spanish from my father. Thanx to my father I’ve lived in a lot of different countries in Africa (Lybia, Morocco, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Kenya). For your information, my father wasn’t an ambassador but just, and still, an adventurous person in search of simplicity, joy. He has a big attraction for this continent, so am I.
Actually, it’s my private music teacher in Guinea who pushed me doing what I’m doing right now: MUSIC!!!
She was incredible, she has teached me music but more than that. She wanted me to be aware of all the history of music from all the different countries. She was collecting a lot of instruments, from all around the world, and showed me their different sounds and specifics.
My music is a melting pot of my life: Black music (African, R&b, Hip Hop), electronic music and of course pop music.
I don’t want to describe it right now but my first album (which will be released by the end of this year) was inspired by African/Vodoo beats, Kate Bush, The Smith, David Bowie, Lizzie Mercier Descloux, Peggy lee.

Why did you choose “Just can’t sleep” as your first single?
Me and my band wanted to release something dancy… I love Disco music so that was perfect even if it’s not reflecting thealbum
That track was thought more like « my picture »of NYC back then mixed with a Dario Argento feeling.

What influences your music when you are writing?
It can come from a picture, a movie. For example, I’ve written a track for the album called « Pieces of gold » and the lyrics are a mix between my life/ « Lost in translation », « Somewhere » of Sofia Coppola. There is another track that I’ve written called « 20th century ghosts » which was inspired by the life of Francis-Scott Fitzgerald and his muse Zelda…oh there is another track called « let me freakout Nosferatu » which is a tribute to Werner Herzog with his classic Nosferatu movie, actually isabelle Adjani features on my song.
Daily life is a big inspiration also and nature…Human nature

Is there an album or EP on the way?
I’m releasing an EP the 14th of march with this song called « The Red Kiss ».
It will include remixes from Brodinski, The Magician and Palmbomen.
The album will be released by the end of the year, I’m still working on it

What do you think about the state of pop right now?
What do you mean? pop that you can listen on mainstream radio stations?
There is good and bad stuff, I’m not listening to a lot of new music right now as I want to stay in my own bubble.
Unfortunately I’m not aware of the new scene but I’ve discovered this band The Vaccines and I love them!!! The singer is very unique…

Do you still have day jobs/do other things?
I still work in the photography and video industry… Im fascinated by the power of image…I’m working mainly with theillustrator, photographer Jean-Paul Goude. I help him to achieve his visions. He’s a genius and so avant-garde. He’s teaching everything from picture to video, to staging…

Are you looking to venture outside of France anytime soon?
Not for the moment I’m very focused on my album, I’m still exploring…then I want to focus on the future tour.
You will have some surprises!!! Just wait a little bit…

To conclude with,
Who do you see as creating particularly interesting music at the moment?

Koudlam, Jackson and his computer band, Janelle Monae

What is on your hi-fi at the moment?
You mean right now? Mickey and Sylvia « Love is strange », so good!!!!!!
Actually I’m dancing right now…

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Enjoy every moment

Thanks to Alex, Anissa & Thibault


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