Initially known as a cryptic, small-caps only electro-pop project, ceo was revealed to be Eric Berglund, one half of Sweden’s the Tough Alliance and co-owner of the label Sincerely Yours, which included Memory Tapes, jj, Air France, and the Honeydrips among its roster. 

Berglund decided to work on a mostly solo project (with some help from producer and labelmate Kendal Johansson) after the release of the Tough Alliance’s third album, New Chance. The single “Come with Me” preceded White Magic, which was released in 2010.

Eric accepted to answer some of our questions : 

What’s the story/meaning behind the name CEO?
It just came to me suddenly and it felt very natural, yet divine, which tells a lot about life. so obvious. 
it’s so perfect in ever way, sounds good, looks good, like a sign for infinity exactly like my art!

When you first start recording these album, did you have something in mind for the project?
Yeah, to express what i feel, as nuanced as i possibly could. for the reason that all art should be made – to evolve and liberate humanity through meeting on a deeper level.

Aside from the word « pop », choose one word to describe your sound. Feel free to elaborate on why you chose that one word.
Life! because that’s the only word that is deep enough to me.

Are there any specific artists or albums that helped shape your sound?
Yeah, nicki minaj, manic street preachers, ferdinand alexander porsche, lou harrison, the four tops, guccio gucci, benni benassi, lil’ wayne, kanye west, broder daniel, cocteau twins, brancusi, wu-tang clan…

If you could collaborate with any one artist, whether it be on a track together, who would it be, what song, and why?
Nicki Minaj on a new track i’m writing. it will soon be a part of what you call reality!

To conclude with,
Where are you right now while answering our questions ?

Paris paris, the city of temptations and gothenburg, the city of like the opposite…

If you were to put your IPod on shuffle right now, what songs are reoccurring at the moment?

Tyga – maybe
JJ – die tonight
Kanye – all of the lights
Vivaldi – Nisi Dominus, rv 608 – Iv cum dederit delectis suis somnum: largo

Do you follow any music blogs like
Nope, don’t follow media at all. it makes me sad.

What’s the first album you can remember holding in your hands?
The top gun soundtrack. what a feeling…

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners? 
Real life is not a fantasy baby

Thanks to Eric & Pascale
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud 

Ceo Website 


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