Bag Raiders are an Australian electro duo who scored a breakout hit in 2007 with « Fun Punch. » Founded in 2005 in Sydney, the duo is comprised of Chris Stracey and Jack Glass. They made their production debut in 2007 with The Bag Raiders EP.

Bag Raiders initially made their mark as remixers, working with Sneaky Sound System, Lost Valentinos, Muscles, Midnight Juggernauts, Kid Sister, Cut Copy, and ZZZ, among others.

They toured Australia in 2008 as part of the Parklife festival. They released their first album, Bag Raiders, for Modular in October 2010.

Can you please tell us about the band. How did it form ?
We met in school, we were both in the orchestra and the choir, band geeks.  But we didn’t start making music together until a few years out of school when we got together over a mutual love of electronic music and started experimenting with making it ourselves. 

Let’s talk about your first album. Have you been happy with the reaction so far?
So far so good.  Very happy with the reaction.  We finished our album tour of Australia in december and that was 17 shows and we were very happy with the turnout and that people already knew some of the words to our songs!  We can’t wait to take this tour abroad.

What were your influences during the recording of the album? What were you listening to at the time?
At the time of recording the album we were listening to a lot of stuff from earth wind & fire, Hall and Oates, Midnight Star, other old funk and disco, also a bit of chopin and some Keith Jarret.  90’s piano house was coming up in our DJ sets as well.  We also both got into a bit of african and west african music which you can hear in some of our percussive elements on the album.  Also we had both been on individual holidays to Spain and India mid way through and our surroundings and experiences definitely gave us fresh perspective on what we had been working on.

We’ve been experiencing a bit of an “Australian Invasion” recently with Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts, Miami Horror, the Presets, you guys, and others. Do you see that as a good or bad thing?
I think this is a good thing.  All the afore mentioned bands are making great music and it’s true that in Australia we have been experiencing a surge in synthersizer driven rock/dance music.  I think it’s fantastic that bands like us can have such a wide audience and although i would like to think of it as more an « invitation » than an invasion i think it’s a really positive thing for Australian music..

How do you guys collaborate on remixes?
Generally someone will contact us in order to ask us to do a remix.  We only really remix songs/bands that we really like and we always try to bring something new to the song.  Often we will just use 1 or 2 elements from the original and try to make it into our own version of their song.

What would people be surprised to learn about Bag Raiders?
It’s probably not so suprising if you have seen our twitter page that we are massively into food of all cultures and standards.  Fine dining to street food we are always curious about food.  It may be slightly more surprising to learn that weather permitting we are both avid snorkelers.  

What’s up next for you guys?

Up next we are on the Good Vibrations Festival in Australia which is a great festival with a killer lineup which we are very excited to be on.  After that we head to the USA and eventually, Europe!

To conclude with,

Did you have any special tricks up your sleeves to get the crowd dancing?
Generally we don’t carry too many tricks up the sleeve, we generally do enough dancing for both us and the audience so hopefully they will not leave us on our own!
I’ve never been, but I hear Australia’s a really beautiful place to live.
That’s correct it is very beautiful.  Especially in summer.  You should come!

Where are you answering our interview questions from?
We are currently sitting in our studio which is about 900degrees and it seems the air conditioner isn’t working as hard as we would like!

Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Ouais!!! Pump up le volume!!

Bag Raiders Official Website

Thanks to Chris, Jack & Pascale
Interview by Thierry Jaussaud


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