Matt Van Schie from Sydney’s own Van She is branching out solo-style. This electro-pop gem is the first taste of things to come from Matt’s debut, and it’s killer. 

His EP Balmy Nights is out now on bandroom records

Matt accepted to answer some of our questions read More


First up, we’d like to know more about U?
I love good food. I love good wine. I love a good movie. I love to
make stupid jokes. I love to practice yoga. And I love Music.

Can you tell us what events happened between both releases « V » with the Van She Band and your first solo album « Versions » ?
I always like to write music in my spare time. So I got a few songs
going that seemed to be in a similar direction, a direction that was
different to where Van She was going, so I decided to release them. It
gave me some new challenges which I really enjoyed. I come from a live
band background, so working on computers to record was a big learning
curve for me. As my bio says « bedroom jams on balmy nights », It was
all recorded in my bedroom. Low on budget, high on fun!

How does the music you are listening to influence the way you write your own songs?
Often it will influence the instrumentation, the pace and sometimes
the structure. But I find as much as my music might sound similar to
some of my heroes, the lyrics I write are always taken from
experiences in my life. I can never just make up stories. Every-time I
try to, it just doesn’t sound real – I don’t believe me! ha.

Pop music and the Pop word can often be taken as slang, something wrongly considered. We at TeezFM love pop music so we’d like to know what your opinion on ‘pop’ is ?
Pop music is anything being played on the radio. If it’s popular
enough to be on the radio – then it’s Pop. I think some tough guys
don’t like the word Pop because they don’t want to be in the same
category as music they don’t like. Well suck shit – you’re making Pop!

What is your view on the current music industry model? Do you think, that the touring is just as important as the CD releases?
The internet has completely turned the music industry upside down.
Which is fine by me. More people are being heard and the power is now
more in the hands of the artist. I don’t really believe in the value
of artists needing to do entire albums. If you write a good song – get
it out there – give it away. And the more songs you release, the more
cheesy artwork covers you can do! Awesome.
As for touring – it’s not as important as it used to be – but it still
definitely needs to be done, and is still the money earner for us poor

Do you have any plans for more promotion in Europe and in France?
I’m working on an EP and should be done in the next couple of
months – so I plan to release it early next year and hopefully I’ll be
in your hood for summer !

Well that’s all my questions, thanks. Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Don’t be such a teez!

Thanks to Matt
Interview By Thierry Jaussaud

Matt Van Schie MySpace


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