Monarchy are a British synthpop duo, originally from Australia, but now based in London.

Monarchy’s first single Gold In The Fire / Black The Colour Of My Heart was released on Neon Gold Records on February 1st 2010. They have created remixes for the likes of Ellie Goulding, Kelis, Lady Gaga, Marina & the Diamonds, Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue and more.

Monarchy’s debut album ‘Monarchy’ will be released in January 2011

Monarchy on TEEZ’FM – Next Sunday @ 18h00 in Double Hits

Hello Monarchy and thanks for taking time to answer our questions. Can you tell us how Monarchy did get to form and what’s the concept behind it ? 

Monarchy was born officially in September last year, though we have been doing music together previously. We had written a new song, which is « Gold in the Fire », and we realised it sounded very different to the other stuff we’d written, that it was a new band and new concept. We also had a new image from the artwork person we work with, and it fitted Gold In The Fire perfectly. So we started a myspace with just that one song, and that one picture, and no friends, and launched it as a new band. People were immediately intrigued and it went from there. Since then, it’s been the only thing we have focussed on, and it’s given itself life, people feeding it and pushing us forward.

With two singles out, we are eager to find out how great the album is. When can we expect it ? We heard it was delayed until beginning of 2011 ? 
The album will be released at the start of 2011. Originally it was meant to be released this year, but we wanted to build more towards the release, and have more singles out. As Christmas is dominated by X-Factor and heritage acts, we have to wait impatiently until early next year. It gives us the opportunity to write more songs, and do more live shows and remixes, so it’s not so bad.

Was the album self-procuded or did you get to work with other producers ? If not, are there any producing talents you’d like to work with in the forthcoming future ? Or is there an artist you feel like collaborating with ?
It was completely self produced, in our dungeon studio. We work in here, with a vocal booth, on a couple of computers and wrote, recorded, produced and mixed the entire album. There are some people we would love to work with, Fred Falke could be interesting, Stuart Price, Lifelike, James Murphy, DeadMau5, Miike Snow, Friendly Fires, Hot Chip, but also song writers like Cathy Dennis, Sia, Xenomania maybe, or singers like Grace Jones, Bat For Lashes, Fever Ray, the list goes on. There’s so many inspiring flames out there.

Tell us about masking your faces… Is that a tribute to Daft Punk, Art of Noise or just an attitude ? Will we ever get to see your faces ? 
When we launched we had our faces obscured, and people resonated with it, and we’ve just kept going with it. It has freed us up so much creatively, it is no longer about ego, about being recognised on the street, or getting laid, it is about the music and being pure. It allows us to express ourselves more sincerely. There’s so many amazing artists that have played with obscurity, either complete like Daft Punk or Banksy, or even just playing with identity and mystique, like Fever Ray or David Bowie. Even Lady Gaga and Grace Jones play with identity and obscurity, always wearing masks and devices to obscure the individual.

What is your view on the current music industry model? Do you think it makes promotion any easier or more difficult than the old business industry model with physical formats in stores? 
It’s very different, some things are easier, like distribution for example. Others are harder, like making money from each album sold. But we don’t look or think about these things too much because we just want to make music, and we cant change it and transport ourselves back to 1969, so we work with the technology we’ve got and get our music out there as much as possible. It’s all about the music.

Do you have plans for touring in U.K, or even throughout Europe ? 

We are doing gigs through the UK, as they come up. We might be playing Berlin next week, definitely playing Paris, and then Dijon later in the year. Next year we will be in Europe a lot.

Digital days indeed : so what is on your iPod ? 
Aeroplane August mix, still on the iPod. A Gui Borrato DJ set (I like the reverb they use on the drums in that kind of minimal). Magnetic Man album for some easy listening from South London. A 12 minute track called Distant Shores by Petar Dundov. So amazing.

Well that’s all my questions, thanks. Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners? 
Stay true to yourself and all else will follow.
Thanks to  Ra Black and Andrew Armstrong
Interview by Antoine Barbet & Thierry Jaussaud


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