Midnight Juggernauts are an alternative dance/synth pop band which formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2004, They consist of Vincent Vendetta (vocals, keyboards), Andy Juggernaut, (bass, vocals) and Daniel Stricker (drums). 

The band have released two albums “Dystopia » and “The Crystal Axis”.

They will be performing live at Bataclan in Paris the 13th October.

Focus On Midnight Juggernauts ☞ Tuesday @ 22h00 > 23h00

Vincent Vendetta accepted to answer some of our questions :

1 – Hello Midnight Juggernauts – last May you were in Paris to promote your new album live, so what is the first thing you remember about France now ?
The first thing we remember is the good food. For me it’s fresh bread.

2 – How meaningful is France to you ?
Well I’ve always enjoyed coming to france so it’s important to me that we get to play in this country and visit when we can, so we can eat more good food.

3 – Can you tell us what events happened between both releases Dystopia and the Crystal Axis ?
Well we were playing a lot of shows and doing a lot of touring for a long time. I think we wanted to shake things up a bit with the next album and play with new directions.

4 – How important is international success to you ?
Well we like playing all around the world and experiencing new adventures in new corners of the globe, which keeps me inspired. We just want to keep on a level where we are able to spread the music wide while supporting our creative endevours.

5 – The Australian scene has been very prolific over the past few years, especially acts from Modular Records. What is your view on the current Australian scene and the international exposure it has gained ? Well Australia is very far away so it’s a good thing for us when music from our side of the world gets exposure in new lands. Everyone here knows each other and it’s quite a supportive scene.

6 – Let’s get back to you and the new album. Can you tell us how the recording came along and in which way you think it differs from the previous one ? Well this record is probably influenced by all the the touring we were doing on the back of the first album. So the new album started with us setting a lot of our instruments up in a beach house and we just jammed out certain songs and let them evolve freely. It allowed more happy accidents to happen along the way.

7 – If Midnight Juggernauts existed in any of the the three previous decades, which one do you think would suit best your mood and inspiration ?
I’d say in the 1970s, as there were better films playing at the drive-in.

8 – Are there any acts you have been enjoying lately ?
Robert Palmer, and maybe T-Rex. I think they’re both going to be big.

9 – TEEZ’FM is pop. How meaningful is pop to you, and is there a pop artist you wish you collaborated with ?
Yeah well i do like catchy music. It would have been fun to collaborate with Kate Bush or Cyndi Lauper.

10 – Now if Midnight Juggernauts ended any time soon, what would you guys do ?
Probably get a shack in Alaska to keep writing music, maybe write a book, learn how to knit, catch up on years worth of emails etc.

Interview By Thierry Jaussaud & Antoine Barbet

Thanks to Vincent & Frances

Photo : Cybele Malinowski

Midnight Juggernauts MySpace


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