Bright Light Bright Light is Welsh songwriter, producer, remixer and multi-instrumentalist. His first single « Love Part II » is released today on iTunes.

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The interview :

Hello Rod,
How have you been lately ? Can you tell us about what happened since our last interview ?
Hello! I am well thanks! What’s happened? So much! I’ve started working with Popjustice HiFi, who are an amazing group of people, as my label. And it’s great. I’ve done lots of writing, writing with other people, some remixes, been rehearsing a lot, and moved house. So it’s been busy! It’s been a really exciting few months where I’ve met some brilliant people and had lots of ideas which will hopefully become exciting things over the next year.
Your first single, “Love Part II”, out this week is produced by Andy Chatterley (Kanye West, Kylie Minogue, Tracy Thorne). How did you get to meet together ? And are there any other tracks from this collaboration ?
I met Andy years ago. He ran a website called where people recorded live gigs. I did one and we got on really well. A few years later, we met up to write together, and Love Part II was made! We’ve done three tracks together for my album, and I think we work really well together. I love what we came up with!
What is the theme of “Love Part II” ? What is it about ?
It’s about : when you decide to give up on love, think it’s a waste of time, but then someone or something catches you off guard, and makes you full of life and love again. The title means « another go at love » or « love again ».
Are you currently writing an album ?
Yes! It’s pretty much done apart from two songs I wrote last week that I want to use. It’s called ‘Make Me Believe In Hope’ and is about the connections you make in life – how people and places change your outlook.
On the B-side of the single, there’s this track with Del Marquis from the Scissor Sisters. How did this collaboration happen, who wanted to collaborate with the other ?
I emailed him early last year when I heard his solo material, and loved it, and then we went for dinner when I went to New York for a few weeks. We got on really well, and emailed a lot, then I sent him ‘Cry At Films’ which he said he loved, so I asked if he’d like to feature on it and he said yes! It was SO amazing to have that happen. He’s a really good friend, a REALLY talented musician, and part of one of my favourite bands. Such an honour!
We all know you’re a big fan of Ace Of Base Are you glad they are back ?
NO. I will not tolerate them with two new members.
What can we wish to you from now on, with the release of the single ?

It will be a busy few months – so lots of shows, touring with Ellie Goulding, and then lots of planning to make exciting shows for the new year. Hopefully a trip to Paris, and more songs that you like!

Thanks to Rod
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