Parallels is an electronic group based out of Toronto, Canada consisting of Holly Dodson (Vocals, Keyboards), and Cameron Findlay (Drums, Synthesizer). Findlay, is the former drummer of Canadian electro group, Crystal Castles.

Parallels recorded the material for their first album during 2009 titled “Visionaries” which was then independently released in February, 2010.

Their first single « Find the fire » is available too on the Kitsuné’s compilation N°8.

Focus On Parallels ☞ Tuesday @ 22h00 > 23h00

First up, we’d like to know more about the band. How did the band form?
Through a great love for pop music. Cam and I are very good friends, and we both were writing music so one day we thought we should try writing songs together, which worked out surprisingly well.

Why did you choose the name Parallels?
It was a combination of good omens. Choosing a band name is so hard, but after Cam thought of the name Parallels he saw that word everywhere and decided to go with it. So really, it’s just a word that stuck out.
Parallels is very striking visually and the video for “Ultralight” has a very specific style. Very 80’s video. Do you think it’s important to bring a fantasy element back to pop music?
Thank you! Yes fantasy is so important, there’s nothing like being able to escape through music so I’d see this project as a success so long as we’ve caused even a few people to escape.

Pop music and the Pop word can often be taken as slang, something wrongly condidered.
We at TeezFM love pop music so we’d like to know what your opinion on ‘pop’ is ?
I know what you mean– Well, I guess pop is always viewed as the genre that is easy to monetize, so it can run the risk of being sort of thrown together and mindless. But there is an art to writing a pop song that rings true to people and the genre covers so much music that I can’t dislike it — I love a good pop song just as everyone else does so we’re fine with that title.

So, what do Parallels sound like?
The answer to your prayers…
Your album « Visionaries » is out- which songs on there are you most proud of?
I’m proud of all of them– but I especially loved writing the lyrics for « Reservoir » and « City of Stars » because on the two occasions it was really late and hot out when I wrote them, so it felt like I was in a dream.

Do you have plans for touring in U.K, or even throughout Europe ?
We’d love to- so yes, when the timing is right and we get invited! I have a strange feeling Russia may be our first stop.

Well that’s all my questions, thanks. Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Thank you for listening– and stay tuned because the best is yet to come!
Thanks to Holly and Samantha

Interview by Thierry Jaussaud & Antoine Barbet
Credit Photo : Norman Wong
Myspace : here


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