Dragonette is a Canadian group active since 2005. Dragonette consists of singer-songwriter Martina Sorbara, bassist and producer Dan Kurtz and drummer Joel Stouffer.
Interview with Martina Sorbara :
So we see the past year has been full of activity for the band with the release of Mixin’ To Thrill. Have you seen results from your accomplishments so far for the band?
This Year has been really fun for us. We’ve dutifully followed where ever Fixin and Mixin have lead us. It’s been really rewarding so far. The reception has given us a feeling of excitement and anticipation for making a new record and finding out where that one takes us.

Design seems to be an inextricable part of your overall identity as a band, judging by the style of your videos and album sleeves. Where does your creativity come from?
Creating the visuals that accompany our music has always been a fun aspect of our job. And with the collapse of the physical album market and music video tv, the parameters are massively broadened to accommodate all kinds of wacky ideas. As far as inspiration, that comes from keeping our eyes open, inwardly and outwardly.
I sense some great will for you to collaborate with other artists, with other sounds. How did the last couple of collaborations come across (Kaskade, Solveig) and do you have any plans for other “featurings”?
We love collaborating. It forces us down avenues that we wouldn’t necessarily get to on the context of our own band and songwriting. Mostly the opportunities just present themselves and we try to oblige. We’re working on a few right now…. but as they aren’t finished we’ll hold back on the full disclosure so as not to jinx anything.
With more praise for the band in the past year, and great remixers names in your resume – If you had to name one inspiration, production talent, artist collaboration for a next record, who would that be?
The Dragonette record making process has been up till now, a pretty closed and in-house affair. We have in the past been inspired in one direction or another by hearing other DJ’s take on our songs via their remixes, but I imagine we’ll start this next record off much like the last ones: in a dragon-bubble. And any outside input will likely be a spur of the moment impulse.
Do you have any plans for more promotion in Europe and in France? More generally, how do you see promoting your music & records over the world?
As far as world domination goes…. we tend to let the internet and music pirates spread the word. It’s a slow train to be on I guess, but it’s been steady too. I think people who discover an artist on their own by digging through the abundance of music everywhere tend to be very faithful and appreciative long term fans. It’s well worth the wait.
What is your view on the current music industry model? Do you think it makes promotion any easier or more difficult than the old business industry model with physical formats in stores?
The old music industry model still works, but for increasingly fewer bands. That’s why major labels are so paralyzed and only willing to sign the most mainstream, sure fire, innocuous bands unless of course, the band has already done the leg work and proved their appeal.
What can we expect from Dragonette for the remainder of 2010?
Some live shows and perhaps a few remixes on the way. stay tuned.
100% Dragonette in Starlight next Thursday @ 22h00 > 23h00 on TEEZ’FM
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Thanks to Martina & Ayisha
Interview by Antoine Barbet for TEEZ’FM
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