We introduced you to Christian Cohle last year with his debut single Breathe. ince then, Christian has released a few hits and is back with a new single « holy trouble » from his first album released today.

Delicate, dark and melancholic, the song is intricate and fruit of an evolved musician’s mind. The sophisticated arrangements are intersected by glimpses of pop melodies and catchy vibes. The result is enchanting.

The Holy Trouble album is the product of years of experimentation. « I had experimented with various small personal projects but nothing ever felt fully actualized and authentic until I stumbled into the making of Holy Trouble. This album means everything to me; for so many reasons. Other than it being my very first album, it was my first go at producing my own music. The whole thing was seeded before I had any music studio spaces, just sitting by my laptop in a kitchen, with a midi keyboard and a mic, building soundscapes and developing ideas using Ableton, » he shares.

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