Over the last few months Swedish artist Augustine has given us a few outstanding singles and his brand-new single Prom, makes no exception.

It’s a track that showcases his undeniable songwriting ability, with an impeccable production. A unique and potent brand of synth-pop.

In the lyrics, Augustine is caught up in a whirlwind of his own feelings, his storyteller’s skill taking the listener along with him on an emotional tightrope as he balances the brightness on the surface with the turmoil within: “I’m dressed up pretty, real delightful for the night. But I was nearly suicidal before your car arrived”, “Now maybe this is the last of what there is to feel. It’s only different places, poor imitations, fucking actors trying to speak like you speak”.

“The night before prom came to embody this very tense and juvenile feeling of a life-changing moment. You know the feeling that everything will be different tomorrow? There is so much melancholia attached to it, but also excitement. It’s beautiful in a way. You never know how things will turn out, or what choices will make sense in the end.” Augustine says.

The brand new single is taken from his debut album, set for release later in 2021.

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