I’ll go straight to the point: this song is so so so good! THENWHEN is the Toronto-based project of Sadiq James and Petar Zivkovic.

Since forming in 2018, they have hit the ground running with their animated electronic-urban tunes. Their brand-new single Onto You, makes not exception. The song is an enticing piece of electronic pop tainted with RnB nuances, taken from an upcoming album Odyssey which will be released later this year.

The soothing new track follows the tale of a toxic relationship disastrously bound by a notorious case of trust issues. At its core, “Onto You” expresses the feelings of a fed-up lover who reluctantly confronts his girl about her sneaky, disloyal behaviour. Brimming with moody synths and punchy drums that set the stage for ThenWhen’s intimate vocals, listeners quickly grasp the suspicion behind sly lyrics like “I see the moves you’re making, I see that you’ve been changing,” ultimately tapping into familiar feelings of instinct, heartbreak and betrayal. 

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