Fresh from the release of his last single Elizabeth, Nashville-based singer/songwriter STRUAN is back with another indie-pop gem titled Over You.

Speaking on the video, STRUAN explains:
We shot the video in Austin and Nashville, where I live. We just wanted to capture the feeling of the song around places where I went with my ex.

This song came while I was in a phase of running away from the fallout and all the friends I’d lost through the break-up. I literally almost moved to Mexico City to live with a buddy for a few months. I was on a layover in New York on my way to London and found myself literally stumbling through Manhattan with a buddy from high school and I remember thinking “what the hell am I doing? I’m way too drunk, and I’m not having any fun right now.”

The single is listed on Spotify Fresh Finds & Fresh Finds: Pop and the rising star have already received praise from a lot of different major publications.