Our favourite duo Harrison First & Angie unveil their epic and flawless, debut album ‘Not Pushing Daisies’. The 15 track soul-soaked body of work features the fearless focus track ‘Silver Sadness.’

Thanks to Harrison First and Angie
Interview : Thierry Jaussaud

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We know you both from your own projects, but how did you guys meet and what made you decide to make music together in the first place?

Angie & I decided to make music together in the summer of 2019. We released our EP Each Other and saw great success from that project. We realized we had a great working chemistry and friendship so we continued to build on that.

How does it work being on separate continents?

Recently I moved to Stockholm and Angie played a large part in that because I really wanted us to have the time and energy to work on our album together in the same place. Previously I would have to take trips to Stockholm to work with Angie which was nice but moving to Stockholm was a way better decision

Can you tell us a bit about Not Pushing Daisies – where and when did you write it, and was there a concept in mind as you were putting it together?

Sonically, Not Pushing Daisies started out as one sound with lots of guitars and then as we continued to create more and more songs it morphed into something else. We started the album in 2019 and finished it a year later, recording some songs at Angie house or at my studio. The concept of the album to make people feel alive and free. Angie first EP was called Suicide Since 1995, so we thought it would be a good idea to call this album Not Pushing Daisies because the term means not feeling suicidal.

Are there any overarching themes or subjects that inspired you to make the record?

When making the songs we based the ideas from the production and then Angie would simply write what she feels.

We’re completely taken with ‘Basic’ – what’s the story behind the song?

I love Basic and the music video is incredible. The story behind the song is calling all the people that want to be around you only because of success, Basic. People who had the chance to be around you and hangout but never wanted to until they see others show you love for your work.

And You, what is your favorite track on the album?

My personal favorite song on the album is “Talk to me Nice”. It’s such a simple and short song. It was me Angie, her husband and my best friend sitting in a circle around the table drinking wine and then I put a beat on and we just all started shouting phrases and words we thought sounded nice. It was the purest form of emotion.

How do you both balance the different projects you have going on?! You’re both so busy anyway, how do you find time to fit everything in?!

I think we just both made this album our priority and everything else comes second.

How will you promote the album in this slightly delicate period that we are currently going through?

Everything will be online

Are you planning to adapt to do live sessions on social networks?

Yup, Angie and I did our first live stream festival in May and we plan on having an online tour for the album

And finally, as well as the album release, what does the rest of the year hold for you?

The year is so uncertain at this point but musically I know we will be releasing even more music and playing with new visuals.