A year after the release of her first EP JIMY and full concerts, Aloïse Sauvage one of the new french revelations is releasing her first album DEVORANTES. We asked her a few questions about the release of her album and her upcoming concert at La Cigale.

Special thanks to Aloïse Sauvage
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Photos : Julot Bandit and Zenzel 
Interview : Thierry Jaussaud
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What musics did you grow up with ?

As far as I can remember, my father listened to FIP radio a lot, so I heard lots of different music at home. He was also a jazz fan and then, obviously with my instrumental practice at the music conservatory, I was very much aware of classical music. My grandfather sang in a choir, a lot of Jacques Brel … I would always remember when he sang « La Quête » or « Quand on a que l’amour  » alone in front of the whole family at Christmas when we gathered. Then after quite young, I quickly discovered hip hop and I immersed myself in French and American rap ! That’s a bit, I think, what built me ​​musically.

What were their influences on what you do now ?

I think that the music I make today was influenced by what I listened to when I was younger. I give almost religious importance to writing as it is part of my life and gives it a meaning. I want that it has an essential place in what I create and then I am also very sensitive to the rhythm in the songs, to the catchy melodies, to the energy that can release a title as soon as it makes you move your head. I think it brings my different influences together a bit.

Did you grow up in a creative home ?

Culturally, I think I had some education from my parents. I went to see shows, exhibitions, I saw things that opened my imagination. Quite a few people in my family play music in an amateur manner – I got used to little jam sessions when there are several of us in the room and the others have gone to bed! After that, nobody lives exclusively on it; I have not had an example in this sense, to see that this exclusive artistic journey was possible, that it would not be just a dream, that I could fight for that and build my destiny.

When did you transform your musical passion into a true vocation ?

I wrote from a very young age but the step to express it in front of others – not just in my room – was crossed later. So I would say that it has been 2 and a half years since all of this has become obvious without seeing it coming.

When did you switch from home music alone to the confidence of sharing it online ?

I was lucky to meet Abraham Diallo with whom I co-composed my first titles. He was a friend of a friend and he gave me his time to make it at his home, in his room in Dunkerque, like a mini EP in fact. Before that, I struggled a little all alone to find instrumental sounds on Youtube or to make covers of music pieces (by filling the musical moments with my texts). From there, I had 4 well-finished music tracks that I was proud of. And there, I just made videoclips with my best friend Zenzel because I already wanted to do something complete, to have a visual with it. And then, I shared online because I had not measured the possibility that it would be seen and shared by a larger number … The naivety of attempts … And so much the better finally. 2 years later, I release my first album.

Among the titles that you have composed, is there one that is particularly close to your heart ?

I would say « Présentement ». Because it is for me the one who symbolizes my first EP « JIMY » and then because it is intimate to me and because beyond the song, the word présentement means now, there, at a given moment. It sums up well my musical journey which is built with a lot of instinct and sincerity in the moment.

What is the story behind the title « Présentement » ?

A very strong love story that I experienced and that faltered because I was drawn elsewhere. A story of desires that cannot be controlled.

What atmosphere do you want people to feel after listening to your album ?

I want them to want to live, even in their most stubborn pain. I want them to have at least one song that hits them right in the heart because they recognize themselves in my words, in what I say. I want them to be appeased while wanting to conquer the World. I want them to want to dance. Feel like crying. Finally want them to feel something. This is what matters to me.

Do you have particular reactions from certain fans to your songs ?

Yes, a lot and it’s touching. I can obviously mention reactions to the song « Jimy »; young people who recognize themselves and who write to me to thank me for making them visible. To tell their love story. To embody another representation of what they are used to seeing. I too am a strong young woman who assumes herself, who has things to say, who dresses as she wishes, who lives her life as she wants !

Social media and marketing for music artists seem to go hand in hand these days. Tell us what do you like to do/use in social media and what kind of action do you like to see in return from the fans ?

I really like Instagram because it’s direct. I like making videos where I dance to my sounds, show them that, yeah, I have the same mad moments as they do after all. For the release of my album, I had a little fun : I stuck cut out silhouettes in Paris (in reference to my album cover) and I invited people to take photos of its to win places for my concerts. I love this kind of initiative, to create something cool that makes me happy, to see that people join and to offer the possibility of attending a show at the end. I find that it forms a beautiful loop 😉 I love it when I see covers of my songs on the internet. I’ve always seen this for other people before and seeing that for me, it touches me a lot. When people also share what I do, I don’t know if they realize it, but it allows me to have others come after me. I owe them a lot !

Artists you listen to right now and admire ?

I listen to a loooot of things. Right now, I could tell you that I’m listening to Billie Eilish, Meryl, Princess Nokia, Laylow, Swing, Moussa, Juliette Armanet, The Weeknd, BROCKHAMPTON etc…

I admire the singular artists who have a strong artistic approach with a real bias. I admire the routes that last, the artists who change over the years and trends. I could quote you Madonna, as she is currently in Paris for a dozen exceptional shows. This is a very good example.

Any advice for young artists trying to make their way like you ?

Above all, don’t wait for someone to interest in you or tell you that you have your place. Nobody can tell you what you are worth, even less in these times when you can access everything and share your music or your clips all alone through lots of platforms. So go ahead, try, experiment. The experience is the best of allies.

 In what mood were you during the French award ceremony « Les Victoires de la Musique » ?

I was in two state at the same time. Very stressed of course, I think it has seen during the performance, I was already breathless before going on stage ! And then paradoxically, fairly calm inside. I understood that evening that I was in my place, that I just had to continue to do what I loved with humility and perseverance.

You will be in concert April 21st at La Cigale in Paris, do you have little rituals before going on stage?

Kiss the floor like I’m a soccer player ! Sometimes when I see myself doing it, I laugh inwardly. But … you know ! Otherwise, shadow-boxing against the curtains of the room is always a good warm-up. Before playing, I gather my whole team with me, we make a circle and I say a few words to them (among other things that they are the best on this Earth and that we will especially think of having fun this evening), then we all hit the left buttock and that, nobody escapes it. It’s our way of saying « good luck »

Finally, what can you add to promote « DÉVORANTES » ?

This is my first album, the first of my life. I couldn’t have been more intimate, more sincere, more personal. I think it describes exactly who I am right now. Make it yours, that these songs can live and resonate in hearts other than mine. That’s all I wish them.