Cub Sport is an independent Australian alt-pop group from Brisbane, Queensland. The band is composed of Tim Nelson, Zoe Davis,  Sam « Bolan » Netterfield and Dan Puusaari.

To date, the band has released four EPs and three studio albums.



Thanks to Tim and the band
Photos :  Bryant
Interview : Renaud Velin


3 new singles linked to 3 videoclips with you and Sam as the passionated ‘fil rouge’ for a new EP called 333 What is the story of this bright, soft and sensual triptych ? How poped up the idea of this new EP ?

I wrote quite a lot of music last year and I spent a lot of time listening and vibing, trying to figure out which songs complimented each other best – I love when a collection of songs tells a grander story than the individual songs. I felt like Hearts In Halves, Air and City of Angels all shared an uplifting, euphoric and refreshing energy and that they needed to exist as their own release and that’s how 333 came to be.

With Hearts in Halves and City of Angels, you wrote beautiful lyrics enligthing the songs. From complex and sad feelings, with your words you bring light and love feelings, pain and joy. It is this something that you paid more attention on this EP, the lyrics ?

Thank you, that’s so poetic! I don’t feel like I paid more attention to the lyrics on this release than on others. I feel like lyrics flow through me rather than it being something I concentrate on and think up – a lot of what I write is spontaneous and comes through in bursts.

Whether for featuring or making clips, you surrounded yourself with young artists, most of your generation (Mallrat, Dolan twins, Tim Hardy, Jennifer Embelton, Joe Agius, Ribal Hosn…), creating a real artistic emulsion and contributing to a real Cub Sport identity. Are there artists or talents with whom you would like to work soon ?

Absolutely! We’re blessed to be surrounded by so much talent and there’s something very special about creating with friends. There are more collaborations with people from this list coming soon!!

After more than ten years of existence, a lot has happened in your private life as much as in that of the group, the two being intimately linked. The coming out, the romantic relationship of childhood friends, the marriage, national and international tours, a large community of fans who follow and support you, etc…. Looking back, what do you retain most ? What has had the most impact on the evolution of your music ? And what makes you want for the next ten years ?

I feel like the thing that stays with me most is the love that fills Cub Sport. My personal journey has had the biggest impact on the music; learning to be open enough to allow love in, learning to be myself and, writing music that teaches me about myself, building a connection with our beautiful listeners who show so much love and support and help me on my own personal journey. Writing and performing music is helping me connect with my deepest and highest self. I’m getting closer and closer to true self-love. It’s incredible that people identify with my journey. Knowing that the music has had a positive impact on other people’s lives is really incredible. The idea that I could be helping someone feel better, helping someone heal? That’s all I could ever hope for.

I remain intrigued by the functioning of the group. Cub Sport is a quartet made up of a hard core of you and Sam, but how is the creative process going on between the four of you and between you two who are united in life and in work ?

Most of the music and creative vision comes from me. Dan, Zo and Sam have the skills and drive to take that vision, run with it, amplify it. I’m really blessed to have bandmates who trust and believe in my ever-evolving creative vision.

We do so much more than just release music together though. The four of us manage the band, run the business, design the merch, design and execute the live show, tour-manage, book all travel and accomodation, run social media, put together album assets, art, music videos – everything is done by the four of us. When you look at it like that, Zo, Dan, Sam and I are management/label heads, so although I’m the one writing the music and coming up with visual ideas, getting those ideas off the ground and around the world is a massively collaborative group effort and that’s what’s so special and powerful about Cub Sport.

You are more of a shy and reserved person but as soon as you are on stage you have a sensual and serene aura, confident in deploying a beautiful energy that excites the public. The stage and the audience seem to be important to you as a person and as an artist. What have touring and all these concerts changed for you ? 

I’m definitely an introvert but once I’m in the zone on stage I feel completely different. I feel like touring and getting to sing these songs to people has made me realise the impact of what we’re doing. To see people sobbing in the audience, to be connecting with me like that, is so special and so inspiring. Sometimes I feel like I’m more myself on stage than I am day-to-day. I guess we’re all multifaceted beings, I’m really grateful that I get to express that part of myself.

And in May / June, you will be touring the US and Canada, do you already have desires, ideas for the show ?

We’ll be playing a lot of new music that feels like it’s going to be really special live, so I’m really excited for that. We’ve sold out a few of our US shows before, I’d love for this whole tour to sell out!

You are a lover of nature and animals, you are committed to support the fight against the devastating fires in Australia. Ecology, politics, committment are they domains which can influence your creative work, your music ?

Definitely. It isn’t something that I write particularly specific lyrics about, but when the skies are filled with smoke it makes you feel really different and that impacts everything. All of a sudden the world that seemed so constant and predictable when I was a child is a completely different place.

When you go on tour, who will take care of Miss and Eve ?

They stay with my parents who live next to a forest with a river running through it so it’s like a little country holiday for them!