Following the success of previous singles, London based duo FARR carries the momentum into the new year, presenting their new track Heal Me.

Actually this isn’t the first time I feel myself captured by them, and I’m pretty sure that alchemy is the secret of their music. The process of turning one thing into another. Alchemy harnesses transformation, creation, and combination, and leaves us with an end product to be desired. Honestly I think that we are facing a perfect example here.

The song is part of their debut LP Weightless, which will be released on 27 March 2020.

Thanks to Romeo and Linden Jay
Thanks to Beth and Sarah
Interview : Thierry Jaussaud


Hi Romeo, Hi Linden Jay, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! How did FARR begin and how did you meet?  

We met when Rome was in town in London on a writing trip. Our session together was the last one he had and we vibed together super quickly, basically from that session alone we had ‘Down’ essentially written. We kept collaborating together from across the pond and felt like we should make the band official to put out all the music we had been working on.

Where does your name come from?

At first when we were considering our band name we were into the idea of ‘Feels About Right’ but then decided that felt way to much like a boy band and decided to shorten it to just FAR, but that was a bit hard for searching so we decided to add the extra R!

What’s your respective role in the band?

We both write but Rome is our lead singer, Linden does back up vocals occasionally, Bass, producing, and we both play guitar

I fell in love with your new single ‘Heal Me ‘ from the first time I’ve listened it. What is its history?  

Romeo: I originally wrote this one with Carl Barat and Olly Burden during the same trip to London that I met Linden on. We had written our first single ”Down” a few weeks earlier. After a big night out I dragged myself to the studio across London and wrote the song between cold sweats. This was my longest and first trip alone to another country and felt pretty alone in London, so we ended up with this visceral love song about when you’re away from someone you love for a long time

Will it be supported by a video ?

Yes we’re psyched the video, it’s coming out on February 4th and is our favorite one we’ve created yet.

Can you tell us about your debut album “Weightless”?

It’s really honest to us as musicians individually and together. We’re excited to give people a glimpse of our world and give them a safe space to be in their own thoughts.

How did you work on the album knowing that Romeo lives in Los Angeles and Linden in London?  

Actually we really love the writing process of working from London and LA. Basically it gives us the opportunity to be in our own space with our ideas and really think things through before bringing our ideas together. Definitely can be hard as well though too when we’re in the final 5% of finishing a track, that’s always easier to do when we’re sitting in a room together.

Linden, you have produced different artists in the past, do you have new collaboration projects for this year?  

Linden: Before the Kelis tour my schedule is jam packed pretty much every day with people who have hit me up for sessions – I’m working with people like Chloe and Halle, Sinead Harnett, and of course some nasty sessions with FARR.

A French artist you’d like to collaborate with?

100% FKJ, no question.

And lastly, what’s something about FARR that nobody knows?

Linden may actually be our lead singer, but you’d have to see us live to find out.