Noréll is a Danish emerging pop trio based in Copenhagen and formed by vocalist Marìe Louise Persson Bjarnarson, and producers Viktor Hagner and Nichlas Malling.

As they themselves describe their music : « Noréll’s heart is deeply rooted in Scandinavia. The band plays with opposites, mixes genres, and invite the listener to enter their universe. The point of departure is scandi-pop with strong and characteristic female vocals, built up by energetic and edgy alt-pop productions ».

They just dropped their third single « Damage Done », an infectious tune driven by enthralling, lively percussions and sharp synthesizers, over which stands out the roaring vocal of Marie Louise.


Thanks to Noréll
Photo : Hugo Jozwicki
Interview : Renaud Velin

1 girl, 2 boys, 3 Hits for the dancefloor already ! It is a quick and very strong start ! Your group was formed recently and yet you are already showing a great group cohesion. How that perfect combination happened ? What is the genesis of your trio ?
Our diversity as human beings and embracing that. That’s the genesis of Noréll.

When I am listening to your last single « Damage Done » and the two previous ones : « The Great Escape » and « Howl », I hear a very punchy and dancing sound with elaborated beats and lyrics. A sound making the difficult balance between something pop, dancing and simple with a more depth dimension in the production and the lyrics. Am I right ? Is that the signature of Noréll ?
Well, we like to mix our individual diversity within the band and create a sound inspired by each of us. We all have a different perspective on pop music, and it’s sort of those differences that makes our musical puzzle complete.

It’s very important for us that we challenge our audience. For example, the air horn in Damage Done. When you listen to it you have to make up your mind. Either you love it or hate it.

« Damage Done » already got great damage on my dancefloor at my place! It really gives you the desire to dance like in a primary animal instinct way. Like a tribal sound with the tiger vocals of Marie Louise which attracts you and makes your body dance. Even in your words you are provoking the battle of the bodies like in the choreography in the video clip. How did « Damage Done » came from ? And what was the intention for the video clip directed by Tobias Ellehammer who also did the choreography of the dancers ?
Damage Done started out as a draft in our studio. We had the weekend filled with a lot of traveling and concerts so we had very little time to make new music. The first thing that happened was the airhorn melody and the chords. Right from the start it had so much character. Marie Louise quickly felt inspired.

Here’s what Tobias says about the video: “The intention was to somehow tell the story of a complicated relationship and the struggle you can have with letting go of your partner all through movement. Inspired by the lyrics of Marie Louise the concept and story was created and then brought to life by the extraordinary dancers Olivia Sol Anselmo and Luc Boris Andre”.

Like in your songs, do you have this primal and raw approach to create your music ? Does it need to be felt on a physical level ? What is the process for Noréll to create a song ?
We definitely love to make songs that have a punchy edge to it. It’s important for us that you can feel the music in your body. That way we hope that our listeners feel that our music sort of grabs them both physically and mentally.

The process in making our music can differ a whole lot. We like to throw a lot of ideas back and forth and test different ways of working. Sometimes Marie Louise makes a vocal recording with no music and sometimes Nichlas and Viktor sends a production to Marie Louise.

You are often on stage since the very beginning. It is important for you to play your sound in front of a live audience ? What does it give you as feelings ?
It’s really important for us to get out there and touch people with our music. As we talked about earlier it’s when you experience the music live where you truly feel the music in your chest. It’s great feeling a connection with the audience as well.

We’re happy that we started out playing live early on in our career. We feel stronger and more confident on stage by now and we’re looking so much forward to play many more shows in 2017 !

It’s very important for us to play gigs. It’s where we meet our listeners and fans. For us music is very physical so it feels amazing when you literally feel the power of every instrument and together with your audience create this special moment.

I heard you were finishing up your first EP and maybe releasing it at start of 2017. Can u tell us more about it ? What would be its design ?
We have been working on a lot of different material the last couple of years. It has really been an amazing process. Both our music and our taste has evolved through the making of these songs so right now we are faced with a lot of old work that has to live up to the new standards. But as a whole our EP consists of a lot of different moods and temperaments that evolves around a punchy and experimental edge.

Complicity, dance and beer… What else would you like to add to this recipe?
More beer.