Despite his relatively young age, Madame, aka Louis Roche, is no techno novice. His upcoming three-track EP “Perc99” is gritty, hard-hitting and relentless.

His sound is percussive and dark, something you’d hear in some cliquey club in Berlin.

New EP out Now ! Visit his soundcloud

Thanks to Louis Roche

Thanks to Lucius Y

Patricia Tavares De Oliveira

Hello Louis Roche, how are you feeling today?
Blessed to answer your questions, thanks.

What would be the ideal setting to listen to your new EP “Perc99”?
Big-room club or festival around 4am.

How would you go about describing “Perc99” to a non-initiate?
I would let him have his own point of view but I could say a mix between techno and electro with a taste of rave and rage.

What is the driving force behind this new release?
Peak-time weapons, personnified tools for surprising a club/festival.

Can you tell us about your creative process? Are you more of a lone or pack wolf?
I start writing music when I have an idea in my head I want to reproduce, or because I’m working on a synth or a sample which give me an idea. I’m more a lone wolf but I love exchanging ideas and stuff and I’m attached to my friends and family’s point of view or advices.

Can you list some of your influences, musical or otherwise?
I’m a child of the century, which is why I’m feeling more inspired by more recent artists, but I’m conscious they were influenced by older legends. I would say Boys Noize, Daniel Avery, Danny Daze, Gesaffelstein..

You’re a rather young artist, what other projects are you involved in?
I’m involved in my studies, because I’m 22 and still a student for another 2 more years. I hope I will be able to be involved only in music in the future.

Has music always been a passion of yours? Is it a family affair?
We all are music lovers but none have ever produced music. I always loved music and one day I was wondering how it was made. It is more like a personnal and internet affair.

Who do you look up to?
My upcoming gigs in France and moving to NYC in january.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring artists?
My friend Raito is not so new to the game and definitely one to watch.