There’s an interesting Australian new artist called MK Grands who has delivered an absolutely stunning new track called « Pinnacles ».

« Pinnacles » is an intense and powerful electronic production from start to finish.

Thanks to Daniel


Thierry Jaussaud

Hi Daniel, I believe this is one of your first interviews – is that correct? Are you ready to face a lot of these in the coming months?
Yes it is, and If I can do them all naked at my computer then sure, bring it on.

Where are you right now? Describe it to me…
I’m Sitting in my room in front of my computer.
I’m listening to Lapalux’s ‘Don’t mean a thing’ and I’m sipping on a fresh coconut.

We should probably start at the beginning – do you come from a musical family?
Yeah, my father was a bass player and played in numerous bands growing up.

What’s the first memory of music that you have?
I was about 6 or 7 years old. Sitting on the floor with headphones bigger than my head listening to my dads old Beatles records.

When was the exact moment you knew that music was the thing you wanted to do for the rest of your life?
it was between learning my first song on guitar at age 13 and the three months of guitar addiction that followed it – it really resonated with me.
A few years later I started expanding my musical palette into the digital realm of recording and producing.
I guess this is where I made the conscience decision to pursue music.

Did you or do you play any instruments?
Yes, guitar was my first instrument. I don’t play much nowadays.
I write a lot on piano even though I’m not very good, and I can play bit of drums.

Who are your musical influences? Do you remember the first artist you really loved?
I’m influenced by so many artists from so many genres every day but here’s a few that are gods in my books:
Tom Waits, Arca, Gessaffelstein, Lapalux, Bon Iver, The Neptunes, Chopin, Matt Uelmen, Flying Lotus.

I can’t stop listening to SebastiAn at the moment, amazing stuff.

When did you become MK Grands, and where does the name come from?
Late last year.
The « MK » comes from my late night obsession of reading about the brain and mind control.
The « Grands » part is like something for me to reach for personally in a motivational way – to be ambitious with concepts and impressive in performance and ideas.
From a marketing viewpoint, it’s a bit different, sounds cool, and stands out on a poster – you need to think this way as an artist sometimes.

Are you at college as well as making music? What are you studying?
I studied music production and composition. (Bachelor of Music).

Can you tell us a bit about « Pinnacles » and « Visionary IX »? Was it hard to put these together given it would be the first time anyone’s heard your own music? Did you put pressure on yourself?
Not really, I try not to think too much when I write. I try to feel more – I know that sounds cheesy but its true.
If I think too much I get overwhelmed with too many ideas and potential directions and can end up on a track for months and months going in circles.
The two tracks are vastly different. I knew I wanted to make something different after Visionary IX, and Pinnacles is what happened.

Which song do you find the most inspirational?
I don’t think my music is very inspiring haha
Not to me anyway…

What’s the ultimate goal for MK Grands and his music?
To be able to tour the world playing music for people and eat at every restaurant along the way.
Also to produce music for other artists and build creative connections with those around me.