After several outstanding appearances on Kitsuné’s compilations, an EP released with his buddy Crayon, some remixes and a debut solo EP last year and many Kitsuné Club Nights, our favourite producer from Lyon is back to remind us that French electro is still alive and ready to take on the world.

This time Pyramid releases an EP composed of 4 exclusive tracks, including a more than unexpected collaboration. « Highway » starts the EP with its sweet harmonies beautifully contrasting with the strict beats driving the track. Then comes « Film Noir », the EP’s cornerstone – also on the label’s latest compilation Kitsuné New Faces II – featuring Parisian Holy Oysters on vocals who brings a euphoria that is not far from Australia’s Jagwar Ma and Tame Impala.

Night Tales is out everywhere, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon.

Thanks to Pyramid

Thanks to Lucius Yeo / Kitsuné

Thierry Jaussaud

For all of those who yet doesn’t know anything about Pyramid, who are you and why are you called Pyramid?
I’m a french guy from Lyon now living in Paris who makes electronic music with a lot of ambiant / science fiction inspirations, and Pyramid was perfect as a name for several reasons.
Pyramids always have been a source of mystery, it’s an international word and I loved the fact that the central letter has the shape of a pyramid, which helps for the design !

What’s the best thing about having a new EP released on Kitsuné?
A good team work, Kitsune has been wonderful to help me to develop my musical project, they let me very free about what I wanted to do and helped me when I needed it, then they helped me a lot with the promotion on it, cause I’m terrible at it.

What’s it like being on Kitsuné? Do you have a lot of freedom?
Yes, like I said, I’m very free musically speaking, I can try what I want and then we decide together how to use each track or if some needs changes or improvements, but most of the time I just arrive with some tracks like « I got an EP » and they’re like « cool, we like it let’s release it ! »

I noticed that you release a lot of fantastic remixes. Tell us more about how you approach remixing.
I always try to keep the fewest elements of the original track I can, so I can focus on one element and try to rebuild everything around this one. Most of the time I keep the vocal only and try to imagine where I can drive him, I focus more on the tone and feelings of the voice than the lyrics and then I try to picture something and put it in music.

We’ve noticed huge growth in your social media popularity among fans, especially in Soundcloud, Twitter and your Facebook Fan page. What have you been doing to build up that growth?

Hmmm nothing special I guess, I always tried to be not too close on my social networks cause I always liked the fact that musician are not totally reachable in a way. I like the facts that social network can give you access to anyone but for me it goes a bit too far, it makes me miss a bit all the mysticism you can create around an artist when you don’t know much about him.
A good exemple was MySpace for me, you had one custom page with your universe and that was it, no facebook or no way to reach the artist, so you just had the design of the myspace page, the music and you had to imagine whatever you want around it, and that was kind of magic.

What has influenced you in the past years?
A lot of things, one which affected me a lot was the fact I moved from Lyon to Paris, changed a lot my way of working, had to experience new stuff and this EP « Night Tales » is more or less the melting pot of all my experimentations, trying new styles, trying to makes my old inspirations sounds new or trying to work with a pop vocalist.

What turns you on?
Boards of Canada !

What is missing from the dance music scene nowadays?
Magic and imagination. Like I said about the myspace stuff, the problem with Soundcloud is the unification of music universes. All those white pages with players doesn’t create a universe at all, we all have the same page with the same players and there is absolutely no way to create yourself a universe and let some mystery or else escape from it. And I’m pretty sure this is why in a way the french touch died these last few years, it was all about mixing music and creative design / creative universe.

How do you see today’s French electro scene?
It was in a down period for some years, after the Ed Banger era which slowed down a lot, nothing particular came, a lot of Justice-like guys or Madeon-like guys. But now I feel something might come again, labels like Roche are trying to give fresh air to the disco-electro stuff while labels like Record Record try to mix the best influences between french elegant sounds to american more powerful stuff, people are creative again, more than ever and that’s scary as a producer but freakin exciting as a spectator.

Which are your favoutire tracks at the moment?
I found myself listening again music from DFA Records a lot, but for recent stuffs, I dig the Onra album, Louis Futon is killing it right now and some friends are about to release an EP which is amazingly good, they’re called « Hylo » (previously Holy Oysters)

Which is your favourite destination?
I had a big big crush on Sydney when I tour there a year ago, fell in love with the vibe of the city.

Which songs do you love to listen to while driving your car?
People will say I repeat this too much but, I love driving on long roads with Boards of Canada

What are you most excited about right now?
The release of my EP « Night Tales » and the next one which is actually almost done ! Then I’ll start trying to prepare a Live show and maybe a LP this time !

Will disco never die?
It might, but it’s like a phoenix, it will always reborn from ashes.