Australian duo Angus & Julia Stone release their self-titled studio album. Produced by legendary producer Rick Rubin, it’s a record steeped in feeling and filled with a newfound freedom and confidence that’s palpable throughout.


Angus & Julia Stone – Angus & Julia Stone
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Live at La Maroquinerie, Paris 02nd July 2014

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Thierry Jaussaud

Hello Julia and Angus. Where are you right now while answering our interview?
We’re in Berlin.

How has your musical direction changed after you and Angus moved into totally different paths?
It hasn’t really….. we are just happy to be playing together.

You work with Rick Rubin on the new album. How did he get involved and what does he bring to the record? This album will sound a bit more alternative than the previous one?
Rick is a really wonderful person to be around. He is thoughtful about what he says and he listens. He is a great listener.

The moment someone truly listens to someone else, everything else just kind of works out.

Is there a title that you like the most on this album?
I really love the song ‘Heart Beats Slow’ – I think mostly because it was the first song we wrote together for the album… it felt like a moment where things made sense about getting back together to make music.

Do you remember the first song you ever wrote?
Yes I do, I was 19 years old, in Buenos Aires… Angus had just taught me how to play a couple of songs on the guitar and I decided one night I would try and write something.

So I wrote about how the thoughts come flooding in when the nighttime comes. In the daytime, life has a way of making things easier…. just living and going about the things that you need to do. Then the night arrives and some part of you comes out and reminds you of all the things you want and need that you don’t already have. It’s a big lie. The song is about the lies that come around at night. The chorus was:

‘and the dark, like the devil you are, plays his foolish games with me.’

In July, you’ll be back in Paris for a gig at La Maroquinerie, so what is the first thing you remember about France now ?
I love the spring mornings in Paris when the sun is out, with a cup of coffee in a cafe… sitting out on the street watching people. I can sit for hours watching the Parisians moving about for the day. It is a beautiful city full of beautiful people.

Do you get to spend much time over here and do you enjoy it?
We spend a lot of time now in France, more so than most other countries.

It has become a place where we play a lot of music and for that we are really grateful. It isn’t somewhere we ever expected to be spending a lot of time. It still feels surreal that this is now a place we live and love.

What are your favorite things to do outside of music?
I really enjoy reading in lovely places…. parks, forests… anywhere with a little sunshine and nature and a book and I am happy. If there is water around as well it is the best thing ever. I love being in the water.