Coco Morier is the new project of indie-pop songstress Nicole Morier. The New Mexico native made her way to Los Angeles via Berlin after playing in garage-punk bands as a teen to start her racous electro-trash pop girl duo Electrocute.

Two albums, several compilations, and infamous tours around the globe ensued, during which time Morier not only developed some major guitar chops (scoring herself a spot as Charlotte Gainsbourg’s lead guitarist in the Beck-led touring band in 2010) but also honed her skills as a legitimate songwriter. Coco has since collaborated and written with a diverse group of artists/producers ranging from Miike Snow, Wynter Gordon, Junkie XL and the legendary Tom Jones. She’s also written and performed on Britney Spears last three albums, giving the famous pop-tart extraordinaire some of the coolest fan-favorite tracks including the Donna Summer-esque « Heaven on Earth » and the bubble-pop hand-clap electro smash « How I Roll, » which Rolling Stone writer Rob Sheffield named his favorite song of 2011.

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Thanks to Nicole Morier and Tim Husom

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Interview by Thierry Jaussaud

Hello Coco, thanks for letting us put to you a few of our questions – how are you today?
I’m great, thank you.

Could you briefly describe your new project under Coco Morier name for us?
It’s a the metamorphosis of a baby punk rock-ette into a full grown disco diamond dance queen.

Your first EP is being released under the INGRID label, (label of Miike Snow and Peter Bjorn and John) I think I recall reading in your biography that you worked with them (Miike Snow). How did they meet?
Well I am actually part of the Ingrid collective as an « owner » of the label so to speak and not just signed to them. But we don’t really like to think of it in those terms. We are just friends and artists working together, helping each other release music to the masses. I met them through management but we became instant pals and have been working together and hanging out. When they had the idea for the label they invited me to join!

You wrote no less than 5 tracks for Britney Spears. How did you end up on such a project?
Pure luck. I wrote a song and it was the right moment for her to hear it and record it. After that I guess we had a good working relationship and she kept working with me.

Was there any specific artistic request to meet on each album or did you have some personal freedom?
There was a lot of freedom. I just come up with stuff and its all different styles and shapes and if something clicks we go with it.

Let’s get back to your new project. Your first EP is being released, here at TEEZ’, we love Ambulance. How will you promote it?
Thank you! We will be sending it out around the world, playing shows, doing what we can to spread the word.

Will there be a video for the Ambulance track?
YES! Its amazing, you will see it soon. Directed by the incredible photographer and director Evan Lane.

You took part in our national Charlotte (Gainsbourg)’s Tour. Did you already know her work?

Of course! I was a big fan and of her parents as well. They influenced me tremendously as did a lot of french music. Everything from Francoise Hardy to Daft Punk.

How did you like the french audience during this tour?

The Queen of Pop has just released her new album « MDNA ». What do you think of it?
I dont have a big opinion on it. It’s ok.

Would you have liked to write a song for her?

Of course, that would be fun.

If you were not in the music industry, what would you have done?
I think I would do something else creative. Maybe make films or write.

Which artists are you listening to at the moment?
Grimes, Blood Orange, Mathew Dear, Karen Dalton, Neil Young

Your projects for 2012?
More solo releases, a project in French called Spy Numbers, and a soundtrack to a comic strip called Gun Wolf.

Your last word for our TEEZ’FM listeners?
You’re looking good France, keep up the good work. Je T’aime.