Lo-Fi-Fnk is a Swedish electropop-band. They have released two EPs, We Is in 2002 and in 2005 they released …And the JFG?. In April 24, 2006 they released their first studio album, Boylife.

Since that they have toured the world, in 2008 they started working on their second album, anticipated to be released in 2011. In October 2010 they released the single Sleepless and the video, directed by Tomas Carlsten & Simon Svéd.

Lo-Fi-Fnk in Double Hits Next Sunday @ 18h00

August accepted to answer some of our questions :

First up, we’d like to know more about the band. How did the band form? 

Leo was the one that introduced me to music programs, trackers as they were called, and taught me the basics in programming a beat. He had been playing drums and all kinds of instruments as well as doing music on his Commodore Amiga computer for many years but one day he got a synthesizer and yes, he had it in his bedroom… where LFF was born.

Can you tell us what events happened between both releases Boy Life and Sleepless? 

We toured for two years or something, almost non stop, which is kind of torture to your body and mind so we needed some time to do other stuff. And we did that until we felt the urge to do more music. We think it’s important to actually have fun while doing music and I’ve noticed that we tend to make better songs while on the positive side of moods.

Let’s get back to you and the new album. Can you tell us how the recording came along and in which way you think it differs from the previous one?
I hear more body and soul in our music and I feel like we have improved in every possible way. I know this is the biggest cliché ever but our new album is the best songs that we ever done!

What are ingredients of the perfect pop song to you?
Simplicity but still interesting, new and fresh but still kind of old and recognizable, at least two hooks preferable three; one vocal hook and a double chorus (which is when the pre-chorus is as good as a ordinary chorus but you got another one coming…). For me ABBA represent perfect pop songs.

TEEZ’FM is pop. How meaningful is pop to you, and is there a pop artist you wish you collaborated with?
Music is everything for me, I listen music that wants to tell me something, that’s not afraid of doing something new or untested and that has an inspired vibe around it. Whether someone calls it Pop, Hip Hop or R’n’B doesn’t matter. The world would be a better place to live on if we dared to expand our musical world every once in a while!

To be honest we suck at collaborations, I think it’s due to our extreme control need. One thing that could turn out pretty cool though is to make a popsong together with a classical-music-composer, to use his/her knowledge in harmonies and stuff but in a popmusic structure.

Do you have plans for touring in U.K, or even throughout Europe?
Not at the moment, but we are doing a few shows in Sweden, Germany and Spain this fall. I miss the tour life more and more so my guess is that you will be able to see us some time early 2011!

Digital days indeed: so what is on your iPod ?
It’s kind of embarrassing but I use a stream service to listen to music so my iPod has only got two albums except our own music and that’s Metronomy and Cassius.

Well that’s all my questions, thanks. Any closing words for TEEZ’FM listeners?
Some people are trying to convince (fool?) me that internet is so last season and that I’m missing out on so much fun in the new thing, what is it?!

Thanks To August and Leo
interview by Thierry Jaussaud

Lo-Fi-Fnk MySpace 


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